The Fever Is Back

The time has begun. All the waiting has finally comes to an end! The premiere of the hottest TV series has started! I am crazy about TV series. It just likes my soul who is yet to be captured by a bounty hunter. I admire Bailey from Grey’s Anatomy for her toughness; I fall in love with Blair from Gossip Girl because she’s freaking prettilicious; I hate Lucifer a.k.a The Devil from Reaper because his manipulatively smart; Prison Break does make my heartbeat pumping twice harder; I would love to have a home with insanely attractive neighbours like in Desperate Housewives; Ugly Betty makes me thinking “Is that boops real?”; Lana Lang from Smallville is a Malay girl who happened to be born in western country; I don’t want to have a complicated love triangle trilogy like in One Tree Hill; Lost make me “Lost”; and I don’t want to kiss my partner with a plastic wrap between us like in Pushing Daisies. Walla…the series does affect my life. It just likes the air, the essence of the basic element for human being to actually live. Wink;Wink;
Finished!! I’m waiting the premiere!

This series is about Sam, which his soul has been sold to the Devil in exchange for his father’s health. All he needs to do is to capture an escaped soul from hell. This is not a horror or serious ghost catcher like in Supernatural. It’s hilarious and pretty funny especially when we have someone like “Sock”, friend of Sam. He use a vessel to capture the soul, but the funny thing is, the vessel given by the Devil is sometime irrelevant such as a mini vacuum, a toaster, a bubble liquid, and remote control car! Unfortunately, this series got a bad rating in US. The bright side is they agree to continue it for the second season! How could they did not want to continue this great series! You can catch this series on 8TV every Friday on 1010 PM.

Pushing Daisies
Ned (the main cast) is a gifted kid. He could bring up the death by touching them. If he didn’t touch it (human or anything that live) back in 60 seconds, it will live again but something living around it will die..Errrrr is my explanation hard to digest?? Never mind. Ask Uncle Google or Miss Wiki for further simple explanation haha. He has a childhood crush with his neighbour, Chuck who apparently her dad died because of Ned (He brings up his death mother, but Chuck’s dad died because Ned doesn’t touch his mother back in 60 seconds). So Ned uses his power to touch death people who died in crime scene in order to solve the problem with Emerson, a private investigator. One of the cases, Ned had to bring Chuck back to life after she being murdered. This is the most interesting part, Ned couldn’t touch Chuck but they two fall in love! How could two person fall in love but at the same time, they couldn’t touch, at all (They even kiss with a plastic wrap between them..How cute). Season one only have 9 episodes but definitely they will come back with the second season)

See..they kiss a plastic

See..they kiss a plastic

This post may contain spoiler! Do not read it if you hate foreplay!

Gossip Girl
The bitch is back! Blair looks really stunning, remind me to Alexis Bledel a.k.a Rory in Gilmore Girls. Last season, we see that Blair left alone by Chuck when they 2 decide to spend their summer together. Dan broke up with Serena. They started Season 2 with a great plot. But episode 1 contain a lot of hot steamy scene (u may not want to watch it since its fasting month) especially involving Nate and his new mistress hahaha. Couldn’t afford to wait? Just download-lah…xoxo Gossip Girl

Prison Break
Dr Sarah Tancredi is back! It such a big loss when she disappeared in Season 3 (she was pregnant, in real life). When Scofield showed his passion to Sarah, I feel emptied because I know she wasn’t there (in Season 3, they make Sarah been killed by the company). For the 1st episode, it seems like the good and evil from the previous season join together to bring down the company. This is going to be the final season. They made a right choice. How long Scofield needs to run away from these people? Must be one hell of a job huh

One Tree Hill
Jaw dropped…Lucas picked whooo???? Hahaha…no no it’s not what u think. It just his dream. He actually chose err errr err Peyton!! Dush…My assumption completely wrong. I thought Lindsay would be his queen. But oklah…I’m just tired with the drama. I guess sex much more easy than saying “I love you!”..Owh Nanny Carrie makes a comeback. The show start a bit slow but it’s going to be much interesting then.
I’m waiting these show to comeback…
Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, Smallville (mid September), Lost (early January)
Things that I need..
DVDs..lot of DVDs to keep all the series..I need a proper way to keep it LOL…a Rapidshare account..and a decent speed to download it..


7 thoughts on “The Fever Is Back

  1. leyton is epic! hehe…
    no way he’s gonna choose someone else. =)

    anyhoo, GG is awesome too..
    “ain’t karma a bitch..” hahha.
    owh, and “chuck basstard”. hillarious..

  2. totally! peyton + lucas = cute couple
    but lucas is just coward
    hard to make a decision
    that’s y i tot lucas “shud” picked lindsay
    to stand up his manliness

  3. Eh Sarah hidup balik ker? Bukan dah kena penggal kepala ker? Sedih gile si Scofield masa tu. Huhuhuhu~ TV series ni je still layan. Yang lain takde.

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