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Piece of Me

Piece of Me

People in the internet call me Megat <even that isn’t my real name>

I do love that name for unknown reason, but the fact revealing my real name to the whole world is just a suicide. It is not a lie when i’m telling my name Megat, it is called self-protecting, like not revealing your 3 digit number behind your credit card??

I’m going to be 24 this year, and am i proud the 23 years of my life? I couldn’t say “that was a great 23 years of my life” coz there were no other 23 years of my life. It just it and was been great to me.

My friend once said to me, do not think too far about your future, think about tomorrow because tomorrow will decide what’s going to happened the next day after tomorrow….another friend of mine also asking me “why your doing nice to other people?, is it because you want to or u just afraid of people will treat you bad?”..it had me thinking though <phewwwww> and also once, people asking me ” why you wanna have a baby?because u afraid of getting old and no one will looking after you”…

People telling me that for those who borned in December, are always the one who put other people first, a bit emotional, die hard fan of jealousy, kind hearted, and grumpy. Well that’s me…bear with it or just shut the idea of knowing me in your life.

Owh, my English isn’t good. Grammar always my number 1 enemy. I can’t even tell you what is the different between thesaurus and brontosaurus! Crap..do forgive me. I don’t have any intention to make English look this bad…


8 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. Thank you for the link! You’re so kind to add me to your blog roll 🙂

    I look forward to reading more of your blog and hope to hear from you on mine soon!

    Happy Blogging!

  2. aku datang.. hahahahhaa.. susah r gini nak komen kena dtg cini. hahahahha… aku dah lamer tak update. malas. nanti la tunggu rajin. hahaha…

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