Melacur Hati Aku Ke Luar Kuat-kuat (Bitching My Heart Out Loud)

That was a very good example on how to translate the English sentence to Malay (in a very bad way). Perhaps using Google Translator could help me with this? Bitch == Lacur?

I hate bitch anyways. They spread disease, a very bad one. They’re pretty good at lying. Have you seen bitch with a an ugly face? Perhaps yes, but that’s the failed one. We look at the good one. Covering their ugly truth using their appearance.

Does my heart is a bitch? A good bitch?

For my entire life, it’s kinda hard for you to see me bitching out loud. The one that i remember was talking with Astro personnel who had cut the service eventhough the bill has been paid. It was over the phone and i’m shaking while talking to that blithering idiot. I’m so mad, until he had to transferred the call to his supervisor. Yeah, that was 7 months ago, and up until today, i didn’t do that to anyone, because i try to escape in any confrontation. I’m either afraid or i know that i couldnt handle the argument. I’m good with escaping while things get hard. Bitch!

I was, once, a very famous in my family, showing my anger. I yelled, throw things out, slammed the door, cried..if my wish doesnt get fulfilled. Now, silence is the only way i could tell people that i am mad. I dont bitch out my hatred. U’ll get my silence treatment if you fucked things up. If u haven’t notice, perhaps ur not worth of my attention.

How about being direct? People will hate me, for sure because i’ll get pretty violent when i’m mad. Using words to hurt people because physically, i’m not capable doing it. I couldnt handle me being direct.
But i’m sick with silence. It’s bore me.

Perhaps me, myself, and I can do something extraordinary, like being direct and quit job. Engineering bores me too.

I’ll be more forward, and if u hate the fact that i am right, i’ll reply “LIKE I CARE?”

Brutal much?

p/s: while writing this crap, i’m listening to Siti Nuhaliza’s songs. I’m a big fan of her, but some of her songs are pretty fucked up. Have u listen to “Sakti”?


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