Dumping all the Craps

The title sound disgusting, but literally….it really mean dumpin’ ur sh*t in ur toilet bowl…


Am just sitting in front of  tv, watching Buletin Utama for the 1st time this year…(in Shah Alam).

What’s new??

Beside having a weird addiction eating sandwich at Subway, everything else is pretty the same.

Living my life in a heck i know square feet room, i’m pretty blessed..except my love life which kinda suck to the max.

It’s been a month i join a gym (which i pretty excited), still i wouldn’t dare to step on the scale weight.

Takut….if it’s still pointing at the same number ** Sigh BUT there are a lot of improvement in term of my body and my

health. Running for 20 minutes now seem ravishingly easy**(ok sila gelak sekarang)

It’s a lifestyle. People go back from work (hit the gym later). It’s for ur own health! (for God sake)..not some sort of rich

club who u can (feel) pretty and meet rich and pretty people. I despise for the negative thought ’bout hittin’

the gym tho it can’t promise that ur going to be on the runway (in near time) [ sila tengok cermin sekarang]

Money is the issue…yeah that i know [sedih..]

Today, i deactivate my facebook account just for a few hours. I tot i can live without it but…duuuh…i was hoping

**each second i could log in my account again. The experiment failed. I’m a loser…hamba kepada Facebook

How pathetic is that?? [sila cermin diri anda juga untuk kali ke-2]

I am ranting (membebel)

Do drop ur comment so that i know ur here since wordpress isn’t facebook (i do not know if ur online or u just pooping

in a public toilet)

Or u can just “like” my post

Damn you all facebook hater..oppps!

poke me in the brain!


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