Belasah 1 Ringgit !!!!

I’m quite shock seeing how cheap u can make a phone call now. In my time, it’s a very expensive comodity (sorta). I can tell that the latest Digi promotion for their prepaid customer is value for money (and it’s even cheaper from the postpaid plan). Just use RM 1 (One Ringgit) for any usage (SMS/MMS/Data/Voice Call) and u can enjoy these services for lower price!!

  1. Voice call to ANY network : 12 sen/minute
  2. SMS to Digi Number : 1 sen
  3. SMS to OTHER network : 10 sen
  4. Data : Reach RM5/ day and you’ll get unlimited access to the internet without extra charge!

Wow…..i’m not saying this because i’m working for this telco but it’s just a great deal! Come one…ported your number and choose the smarter side! . More infor just visit Digi Website (Click Here)

New Image


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