…The missing KL-lite…

3 months, but still haven’t got any job yet. Graduation day just less than 2 months but still, I’m at my brother’s house doing absolutely nothing (gaining weight is another issue). Worried if they ask me bout what I am doing now. I’ve lost my word (and my hope).

6 months of training about something  that I know nothing about (or a bit..?). I’ve accepted the offer for the training (and get paid) rather than I’m waiting for something that has no absolute resolution.

The training is at Cosmopoint, Jalan Raja Laut, KL, behind Sime Darby building, and 10 minutes walking from Sultan Ismail LRT station. I’m still at Bangi at that time, so I took a 30 minutes of Komuter journey from UKM station to Bandar Tasik Selatan station. Then, I took 20 minutes journey with LRT to Sultan Ismail station. It’s a hectic routine, since I have to be very precise about the train schedule (even tho that train schedule itself never be on time). My class start at 9 AM, so roughly, I must be at UKM station at 810 AM 5 days a week.

I could say, they journey through hell, smelling sweaty armpits, cramping in a no air-conditon komuter, and some other puking stuff, is one hell of experience. I enjoyed it (compare to what I am get through now). Seeing individual with their own personalities excite me. I saw a lot of attitude. Some could make me laugh, and others, I just resent it. Stucking my ears, listening music with my phone while seeing KL view 25 meter higher from the others…ahhh it just feels soo damn good.

KL never sleep (never give up on me). Just after finished the training, I got my very 1st job at UTM Jln Semarak, KL. I could see the marvel ever created by man (the twin tower) outside from my office (and my home). My life seem perfect (I didn’t have much friends outside the office). I have a very caring housemate, Fahmi and it just seem impossible to find a very helpful person like him. He just happened to be very good at cooking (another weight issue arise). I just missed having someone like that around me. I don’t talk to my housemate now and what’s good coming from that?

I’m still missing my former colleagues. I keep telling myself that the glory time will never happened again. Period. One by one, the original members of CAIRO are leaving the institution, finding a better place (I suppose). All good times we had, watching “Wanted” , had our dinner together, playing badminton  will remain in our sweet memories vault.

I missed my life there. It has something that Shah Alam cannot offer even though my social life here much better. I have crazy and kind friends here but still, I reserve a space in my heart for the people who used to make me laugh, giving me joy and happiness.


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