Ask? Google!!!



“Just Google it!”

Weird. I never found in any English dictionary the meaning of the word “Google” but it’s been widely use to say “Find it by urself, you lazy septuagenarian**” . The day I got my 1st laptop, I had a problem with it. It couldn’t start and keep rebooting by itself. Clueless and I almost reached my boiling point (luckily I didn’t throw the laptop out to the window). I have no other option but had to reformat it. Another problem came. The error message shown that my hard disc is incompatible to install Vista (Owh Bless you Vista). Do I have pirated XP installer at that time? No. Am I genius enough to use Linux? No. Since I have a very little capacity to tolerate delay, I cannot ask the dealer to come to my house and fix it for me. It could take a days or weeks and having a brand new laptop left alone in front of your naked eyes wasn’t a good feeling. Since then, I’m a best friend of Google.

It took me 2 days to fix my laptop. I didn’t ask anyone, I just use Google to find the solution. I just type the error message on the search bar and hit the Search button. Hundred of sites that has relevent information to the problem come out and I just go thru one by one until I found the best solution.

The solution is very simple. It just 5 simple steps, but it saved me from the waiting period. Of course, this situation imply for those who has basic computer literate (or else you won’t dare to format your own pc by yourself) but Google could help you in a lot of different way. All you need to have is a very good way to filter the crap and squeez to the very last drop of useful information.

I am so tired answering this kind of question : “Where do u get the movie?” or “Can you give the website where you found the song?”

The answer is “Google”. I don’t have particular website to steal the movies or songs. I just google it. Let say I’m so “Winehouse” today, so I just go to Google and type : Rehab Amy Winehouse rapidshare and wallaaa….or you can do this kind of trick.

You want to find this particular song, e.g Never Gone by Kelly Clarkson. Go to google and type this

“site:mediafire mp3 never gone kelly clarkson”

Just try now and see the result…then you let me know what it is. Doesn’t it simple??

Last weekend, my computer hitted by the famous virus, win32.Brontok. Again, Google helped me saving myself from sending my laptop to the helpdesk (the centre of the broken laptop haha)

I’m not saying every problem that I have, Google could help me but it’s part of the way for me to find the solution. It’s easy and it’s free.

If you are wondering what is the meaning of septuagenaria , I’m sure you know where to find it (or u just wasting ur 2 minutes of your life)

**Thanks Mr Muzhafar for the word!!


3 thoughts on “Ask? Google!!!

  1. google has played such an integral part in our daily life that sometimes it is almost too perfect to be a religion (just kidding!).

    but to be on a lighter side, just think about this; almost everything within the reach of human’s capabilities can be searched in google.

    and please admit that you yourself had at least googled your name once just to check out if there ARE any stuff on the internet in relations to your name. right?

  2. on the day that i google myself, i found out that my faculty put me in a wrong course (some sort of alumni list)…cehhh

    **i wonder if google is a religion, what they’re going to pray? the google server??haha

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