Literatively vs Figuratively

Brutally speaking, just today i know the true meaning of “literally”, where to use that word on the right sentence. I used that word before without knowing either it is right or wrong regarding to the context. I’m so blunt when it come seeking the truth. Too lazy to justify any action that i make. I’m not a “smarty pant” in english literature for me to elaborate the meaning of the word but u can’t literally define “It’s raining cats and dogs” is ” that there is a cats and dogs falling from the sky (physically)”, isn’t ? Figuratively, the sentence bring the meaning of  “it’s raining intensely”.  Faham ya murid-murid!!!!!

It the same thing when we’re dealing with a human. U can’t simply judge strangers literally by looking at their look and appearance. The meaning of literally itself, is not entirely true! My 1st thought about people that i barely knew mostly wrong, but one thing for sure, i always change it.

And always, what i wrote here, u can’t literally read it and digest it, believing it that is exactly happened to me. I always write it in a figurative style of writing, manipulating the truth and make it something real. I didnt lie in my writing. It just,  seriously, do u believe there’s a butterfly in my tummy???


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