We used to have this insect 20 years ago

I lived in a kampung, and it always make its shiny appearance inside my house

I always catch it & put it in a jar

If they died in the jar, i don’t care coz we still have it a lot (how mean is that huh???)

But these days, to see only ONE firefly seem impossible

I don’t know where i could find this beautiful and magnificent creature

See it alive, even ONE..i’m so grateful

Firefly is a reminiscent of my ❤ life

Why is it so hard for me to pour all my love to some1

Tho i like the person but doesn’t mean I love it

I have no ❤ left since i spent it TOO FREAKING much 3 years ago

Rite love life has the same fate like the firefly

Taking cue to dissappear…

Sad HUH?


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