Worst Economy Philoshopy

“What you don’t have right now, You don’t need it”

Ok…i read it somewhere in a magazine on how ur gonna deal with the economy situation ryte now. It just become worsen with the outbreak of the swine flu or to make it appropriate, they called it influenza A H1N1. Sigh~~ my personal economy just fucked up recently where spending the penny is inevitable. I need to dismiss my dream of getting new jeans and new shoe…..gosshh…i’m totally broke ( i know why it happened…stuuuppppiidddd) and next month, i’m moving in into a new house..need money jugak to pay the deposit…and my baby need to renew it’s insurance this month..i’m TOTALLY fucked up this month..i’m flunctuating..i know i could better and come out with a proper plan…

and it’s starting NOWW!!!!!!

Pleasela Hafizi…need to change ur BOROS habit….ur mom keep bising about the penny for the marriage thingy…



2 thoughts on “Worst Economy Philoshopy

  1. haha… kompol wet banyak-banyak. jangan sik nak boros ajer… kalau tak beringat bagi berapa banyak pun still tak cukup punyer.. bak kata pepatah boss aku, ” ada duit sikit cukup, kalau ada duit banyak habis, tah bila nak cukup agaknye” so sebelum keluar shopping pastikan ada checklist ea .. semoga tak short aje.huhu..

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