Hafizi Babbling About Nothing


I’m not ready YET for any kind of relationship. I want it so bad, but that precious moment yet still far from my grip. I want to explore MORE. Hiding under the “tempurung” all this time doesn’t make me ready to face the cruelest world ever. U met ONE person, which u barely knew, and fortunately u got a positive response doesn’t make you’re a match made in heaven. Love needs me to sacrifice something but I’m selfish. I’m not doing something which I still have a doubt about it. I am happy knowing the fact that I’m in some healthy relationship but it’s not the right time YET. Maybe I want to get out from the relationship but I’m afraid to be alone again. Yeah, I’m  “selling the fish” again.

The Super Fitted Room

I already moved out to my new house..Yayy!!! I should celebrate it yeah?? But things didn’t go with the plan accordingly. You could be blind with your first sight. I didn’t realize how small the room is until I live in it. My house has a very great facilities such as swimming pool, gymnasium, security, and there’s no doubt that it is beautifully made. The rent…yeah pricey. “You win some, you lose some”. Despite the over-whelming comment from my best buddy about the house, the rest kinda suck, for me at least. My other housemate, is a 45++ years old guy whois “bachelor” only on the weekdays. He just be with his family on the weekend in Kedah. Hmmm this could be interesting. Old guy should have a lot of story to share…lol..sound cynical.. Not only that, the house doesn’t have the capability to provide me a good internet coverage either Celcom or Wimax. It’s kind a hard for me to accept it since I’m a super heavy downloader. I couldn’t imagine my life without the broadband. I think I blog about it sometime around last year when I moved in into Setapak. I’m seeking the alternative now and the only option that I have is Streamyx. Yay!!!! (Perhaps u didn’t assume that I’m happy having Streamyx as my only source of downloads illegal movies). The world doesn’t revolve around me. I need to make my home now as luxurious as it seen (inside and outside). Can’t force everyone and everything to make things that I want it to be. There’re lots of hurdles in this life. Keep that in mind.

Miss the old glory times

I’m still missing my old colleagues in CAIRO, UTM. One year being together just bonds us with a very great friendship. I didn’t get to create that environment here because of the age factor and most of the people here have different direction (because they’re married). I wish I could go back there but my path is different now. I miss u guys…each and every of you….


3 thoughts on “Hafizi Babbling About Nothing

  1. ~~ ‘Remember that you don’t choose love. Love chooses you. All you can really do is accept it for all its mystery when it comes into your life. Feel the way it fills you to overflowing, then reach out and give it away~~’

  2. Streamyx ok per, kurang-kurangnyer unlimited. Tapi Wimax aku tak slow2 pon. Rasa cam dah berkoyan-koyan aku donlod. Hahhahaha… Cam tak bersyukur plak. hahahaha…

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