The legendary Mr Mraz

Wow..this guy is just amazing. Despite the heat and super packed stadium, I managed to make myself comfortable by dancing “like a crazy guy” to each of his song. I get in there a bit late because I’m “queuing” in the wrong line (and I’m fcuking missed the opening!!). He starting the night with “The Remedy” song which I heard it OUTSIDE the stadium. I’m surprised that there was no opening act from the local artiste. I suppose that is the rule for every performer outside from this country while they’re doing their show here.  The temperature inside the stadium just freaking high. Since I’m late plus  I bought the cheapest ticket, all the seat were already full and we had to stand while seeing Jason Mraz just a bit tall from a matchstick haha (the stadium is small, compare to the Stadium Merdeka which I’ve seen Avril Lavigne has the same size with a lice)

5 minutes after we “ngomel-ngomel” how uncomfortable we are sniffing other people butt, the security guard let a few people (including us) to go to the other side of which is for RM168 ticket. I’m just like “Waaaahhhh!!!…Seriously??” Wer are so fortunate laa….the ticket is so mahal. That place is a numbered seating, so we had to stand behind. Tho Jason Mraz is still far but that place much better than our original place. There were just few people standing behind and wer likecrazy adult dancing to each and every song that Mr Mraz sing (actually I’m the one who dancing like I’m in some club haha)..i mean…u pay rm68 and just what?sitting and just clap your hand??

Honestly, I can name a few of his song but most of the time, I don’t have any idea what’s the title of the song that he sing! I just dance and whoooing ….when he finished..i bet everybody waiting “I’m Yours” and when he does, it seem everybody took out their phone and recorded it. Gossh I tell ya, this guy is just amazing entertainer. I’m glad I got a chance to watch his show. Who knows when he will come back here. I’m not sure if he tried to speak our Bahasa Melayu language (the sound system wasn’t really good) but the second part of his show, he wears “I love KL” shirt and his musician wearing our national football team jersey.

Kudos to Jason Mraz for heating up the nite!! Ur just great!


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