Life is Hard

Yay!! I got my 1st paid working in DiGi. A little bit late from my previous work and having  JUST 28 days last month make everything a bit difficult and tired!!!  Tired of queing at the ATM machine (to pay all the loans , etc ) since it’s Saturday and the banking system “over the counter” is closed. One day late paying my car’s loan since i hate standing behind other people butt…Urghhh…i’m sure the bank get a lot of interest this month…

Being an adult make everything pretty hard, u know. U worry about your money, your life, your work and sometime even a very small thing can turn into a big giant monster that haunt you every night. I use to take thing for granted, especially money but my very close friend warned me that “stop thinking about the money. It won’t bring you anywhere. Pay attention to the word REZEKI”.

My salary, i can say i earn quite a lot but strange….i never feel enough. I’m always short and broke when it comes to the end of the month. Stop thinking that i have a secret account in Swiss, whatsoever cuz i didn’t have one. Pretty pathetic since i already working about a year.

Credit card?? it’s a killing machine if you don’t know how to use properly and it’s getting near to killed me. Thankfully, i realized it and i’m doing a recovery plan right now. I had 3 credit cards and now i only got one…just in case (what case? i dunno). So i’m trying my best right now buying something with actual money, which you can see how the money look like. Using  credit card, i don’t care how much i spend or what i buy just swipe and swipe and swipe..So if u wanna use credit card, carry on it really helpful especially buying gas and booking movie ticket but use it wisely. Don’t be like me. What i can tell,this December 2009, i can declare that  i’m free from credit card debt! So can u guess how much i’m already spend?? hahaha

Katy Pery – Simple

Life should be so simple…


3 thoughts on “Life is Hard

  1. Dude, life is harder for me. I don’t even get my 1st gaji yet! But I keep spending my money like air paip la. Hahahha… Skang dah sangat pokai.

  2. ape yg hardnyeee?? ish2 aku rasa aku leh byg ar bape utang credit card ko..keh keh kan aku pon riso gak pakai credit card nih..sesedar je dah terbeli! hehe..pastu elok plak last week br dpt lagi 1 yg baru..adehh..bukan ape, kita keje jenis byk travel ni penting pe kad kredit..xkan nak rolling duit cash kot? isk xmakan den…

  3. ala patem..skang ni pokaila..da dapat gaji nanti..perrghh …wuuhaaiii
    kak pah…credit card aku takla kritikal sangat tapi aku dah sampai tahap
    “terlalu selesa” memakai kad hutang tuh..aku xmo satu hari nanti
    aku terjerat…tp credit card mmg penting zaman2 skang ni…
    kene hati-hati je…wuuhaaiii…..

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