Finding the right house

Being super-selective and super-fussy make me hard to find a good place to stay. Lot of rules I imply and having your best friend living under the same roof could be devastated. Now, I’m dealing with a lot of strangers asking them if they still have a room for me to fit in. Pretty dangerous huh cuz u never know with who you are dealing with? But  I couldn’t stand anymore living with my brother’s family even it’s nice. Currently I’m sharing a bed with my 18 years old nephew who happened to be a very aggressive person while he is sleeping. Have to fight the space tho ;( and also living there could added more of my weight since my sister in law just happened to be a very great in cooking.

No privacy anymore. Everything that I do I have to share with the rest of them but yeah, I’m so thankful that I have a place to stay rather than facing the traffic jam every day. I need to be very quickly to realize that all of these are just temporary. While waiting for my dream to come, I have to bear with all of it. Just to share some of my ideal house which very ‘susah’ for me to find one:

-Must be an apartment or condo

-Have my own parking lot

-Maximum person is 4

-Mind your own business

-Know how to wash the dishes

-Bring friend to the house fine by me but occasionally laaa since I also bring friends home haha

-Near to my workplace and paying toll strictly prohibited

-Have a very good coverage of celcom@wimax broadband.

-Ideal housemate is the one who isn’t really loud la…malas nak layan yang bising-bising nieh…

I’m begging to all readers…please do let me know if there’s a room/house in Shah Alam…I need it now..i need to have my own life back…seem everything doesn’t connected anymore..but being in Shah Alam kinda make me feel far from my love one…XoXo

5 thoughts on “Finding the right house

  1. i would love to help you up by hooking you with my friends who still at shah alam but i am positively sure that you mesti segan gle living with smartypants law students. wakakakaka…


  2. Info aku dapat dari forum

    Nak cari rakan serumah…boleh mula masuk segera @ bulan Mac 09.

    Sewa RM230/bulan termasuk letrik, air, astro dan sedikit barang keperluan asas rumah.

    2 pilihan:

    1. Tinggal seorang jer dalam satu bilik (Deposit RM300)
    2. Kongsi bilik utama (Deposit RM150)

    Lokasi: Jalan Tanjak 10/7, Seksyen 10, Shah Alam.

    -3 bilik, 2 bilik air.
    -Sebelah masjid negeri, jalan kaki jer.
    -Dekat dengan Mediu, Hotel Concord & bus stop.
    -Sekarang ada 3 orang penghuni, semua kerja di Mediu.

    Sila call Eddie @ 019-2266755 utk keterangan lanjut.

  3. Dude, Chad M.Murray & Hilarie Burton tak renew contract diorang season depan. Hahahhaa… OTH bakal berubah.

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