Calling all Jason Mraz Fanz!!!!!

for those who are interested, please do let me know coz i’m CRAZZEEEYYY going to his concert!! come on.. just RM 68…so murah lorrrr…

Concert Details:

Date : 4 March 2008 (Wednesday)

Time : 800 PM

Venue: Stadium Negara, Kuala Lumpur

Ticket Price: RM258, RM208, RM168, RM138, RM88, RM68

more info, click here Jason Mraz Rawwkk!


5 thoughts on “Calling all Jason Mraz Fanz!!!!!

  1. rm68 nampak pakcik mrazz tuh besar sket daripada batang mancis.
    kepingin hendak menonton tapi takde duit…
    lagipun tak layan sangat pakcik mrazz…
    or perhaps ada org nk blanje? *hint*hint*

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