Weekend Summary

hectic weekend…doing things like there’s no end for it…i didn’t get enuf sleep….but  it sooo much better than living in my room and ranting about everything to myself.…errkk pathetic gilerr kan….

Saturday 17/1

Woke up late…it’s sooo not myself which apparently it’s hard for me to get up late (like 10 am on the weekend?)..i had to go to Mid Valley actually to go for the career fair and buy some stuff with ma friend.I’m soo like sangat malas since Mid V is the one place yang i akan consider to go..but then can’t remember when was my last time i’m hanging out there..so fine by me since my friend is looking for a job now.

the traffic was like HELL..2 hours wandering around outside Mid V and The Gardens…parking lot is fulled..lol then i wonder where i shud park my car…i was like nak give up je at that time..but then no point i harung all the traffic and i just drove back home..nonsense..so i be like really sabar and found an exit to The Gardens parking lot then…walla…got a very nice place to let my car rested..

People in there…hmm tok sah cakapla…arrgghhh i’m so lazy to go thru all the peeps in there…luckily my friend already submitted all his resume and he said he might get a chance at one if the company..hey what a lucky day for ya

then after like 8pm we go out and me driving back home with my friend coz later at nite we wanna go out again to listen some music..so about 11 pm we go out again to go this place near KLCC..when we enter the place..it was like wow…it so much diff…so much relax and soothing place to hang out. It has an open rooftop which u can sit and have drink enjoying the view of KLCC at nite. The music also is quite nice and i was really enjoy it. It’s really a cool place if u wanna chit chat around with ur friends..(atiq..wanna come here sometime later later? wekekeke)

Around 2am we heading back but my perut a bit lapar..so we lepak-lepak dekat this kopitiam which is sangat famous sampai aku lupa nama dia..haha…happened to be a place lots of celebrity yg hang out like iqram dinzly, kamal (from short drama Impian), flizow, tam, and some of it which i can’t recall her/his name.

Balik..tidooooooooo la….

Sunday 18/1

Woke up at what?10am?kinda like that la…then have to rushed everything since i have to picked up my friend in UKM to go to KLPAC Open Day in Sentul…heck i have no idea what thing it is..kinda like an art show e.g teather,singing (i guess), painting?..haha seriously..no idea whatsoever..layankan aje…

but then it turns out to be sesat@lost kat jalan ipoh tuh…serve me right kan lah..i shud google it first rather than just main hentam aja the jalan…i’m not expert in kl roads which sometime bring to me to the square one..so we ended up in KLCC sajo…haha so different purpose kan..there we decided to watch a movie to bazir all the masa up until the evening..we watch Bedtime Stories which happened my friend dah watched the movie but he slept like the entire of the movie..(even he kinda give me hint to watch Australia @ Maut) but i’m not in the mood for the heavy kind of genre at that particular time.

While waiting for the show at 420pm, we wandering around KLCC doing nothing since my wallet abit kempis…gaji tak masuk lagi da…suddenly my friend called and said “weh ko nak pergi tengok Juara Lagu live tak??” n then i kinda hesitate to go since whatsoever excuse..but then i asked my friend dia nak pi ke tak..and he said yes..”ok kitaorang pergi!”

So another chapter begin (which apparently we didn’t plan it)

So at 8pm, we waiting outside the stadium waiting my friends to come over giving us the ticket. At that time all the vip or artists is on the red carpet posing the dress from whatever designer is. I’m not crazy about it even i used to like wowww to all this thing..i bet my age is taking a lot of my youthness haha…so we watched the show and yeah it was fun watching it live…everybody like crazy watching faizal tahir with his changing dress gimmick…and Meet Uncle Hussin which is the winner at that nite…mesti ramai budak-budak gig penuhkan that stadium..around 1200 am we leave the stadium and heading back to UKM to send my friend back….around 2am i reached home…and baaammm tidoo…

So today…a bit more like zombie in the office but still can control my lazy eyes…sangat malas sihh…

tomorrow is a big day..am i going to succeed?or it just like  a fake hope…dunno

either my social or my experience…which 1 shud i sacrifice??

wallaaa..(easy answer actually..no need to decide lor..i would go for E!!)


4 thoughts on “Weekend Summary

  1. hehehe..selamat medapat tahu la ek..emm biasanya kan, 2hari baru dpt result..mula2 gi JPA, pastu gi KSM..masa kat KSM baru tahu..dua hari laa..biasala gomen

  2. ey! Dimanaka kamu ingin membawa saya lepak ini?Cam besh and cozy jek sounds that place. i wanna ccoommeeee )))))) yeay! ure surely gonna need to treat me there! since u owe me one!!! hiiii

  3. waa…
    bawak kawan jalan2 nih…
    i cemburu gle…
    sure kawan u tu sronok kan?
    dapat jalan2…

  4. Xpayah cemburu2 mari kita pergi bersama2 and enchek megat belanjakan oyeah! =P the more the merrier~ Mari…

    ey megat, i wanna go there sounds so FUN.erk.ble u pindah away from here ek?

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