Redang Trip – 2nd Version – Sendirian Berhad

So i’m planning with ma few friends to make a trip to Pulau Redang by this April/May/June. This is just an early planning but i’m looking forward to make it happened. Last year, i was there for company trip and it was great holiday

see my experience here

so people..r u interested?????


7 thoughts on “Redang Trip – 2nd Version – Sendirian Berhad

  1. obviously I AM TAGGING ALONG no matter u want it OR NOT i will bring myself there to be in the group and dragging the MR BOYFRIEND! LOL.

    hee megat i nak follow2..besh jek p dont u ever forget to tell me when is the plan keh???!!! I really wanna ggooooooooo cepat make it a kenyataann!!!!! Yeay! cant wait!!!

  2. haah.. redang kat maner yerp? muahahhaha.. takde2 gurau jerk…. aku tanak itut. ngehngehngeh….

  3. interesting…
    tapi klu just dapat rm300 per month kejadahnye nk save nk pg holiday???
    gewarm okek!!!
    plus, ada la hamba Allah tu kena pg pre-practical kat skolah agama plak tuh time2 org laen cuti semester…
    totally hangen satu badan…

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