Welcome 2009/1430 Hijrah

It’s come the new year..again..one step ahead to become older and having wrinkles. Well by observing some comments and prediction by this so-called “modern witch” and also the  Feng-Shui expert , 2009 doesn’t bring any good. Don’t change your job and do not start a new business. Urghh well..i’m going to, at least one of it. Economic doesn’t look promising at this very moment. I kinda afraid tho even i’m not the one who being effected by it, directly.

What bout 2009? How this year will help me to grown up and be someone that i really wanna be? New year resolution?? Sound cliche but at least u have something on your mind tho..Me? Let me see…OK…there are 2 things that i really wanna achive this year

1) Start a new Career

2)I’m gonna fill this year with LOVE LOVE and LOTS OF LOVE

Let me begin with number ONE. CAREER

It’s not even 2009 yet but i already got a chance to change my job. Refer to this post. But at the same time, i’m waiting for another job offer that i’ve goin’ for the interview last month. It’s called “workin’ with the government”. But it’s not confirmed yet because the result is on 19th of this month. If it’s doesn’t succeed, well..it’s time for me to go to the other place. If it’s succeed but the place that they’re goin to sent me is beyond my expection, i would decline the offer as well. It’s either me sacrifice my sosial life and have a stable future , & vice versa.

I jez build up my life here..and i jez get to know people and developed my alter ego personality (u know u love him xoxo) and suddenly u have to be in a deserted place and the only person that u knew is YOURSELF. Doesn’t scary. Hmmm..i’m going back to square one..Wut a WASTE!

Number 2 : LOVE

LOL….don’t need to explain it like doin SPM essay kan..so this year, need to be more aggresive lah…don’t expect people will come down to u and ask the “golden” question. If u like someone, just let them know. Bulan tak jatuh ke riba. Umur pun dah tua..Orang kat kampung dah start bertanya..Orang sekeliling asyik heboh pasal bunga telor dengan tanya labuci ni matching tak dengan kaler bajunya…hadoii…frustated..

I’m the one who hardly fall in love with someone..sometime it takes time for me to like the person…it just me..so bear with it…

Perhaps tahun ni bakal menjanjikan sesuatu kelainan dalam hidup aku yang boleh dikategorikan sebagai mendatar 180 darjah. Mungkin boleh berani sikit mencuba sesuatu yang baru, out from ur ordinary routine. Nothing wrong with it, it just do u want it or NOT?

Eh my blog already ONE YEAR in service lor….blog aku yang paling lama bertahan..my first post on 31 December 07..wow..lot’s of things happened kan.. CONgRatZ   ITSIMPLE.WORDPRESS.COM!!!


3 thoughts on “Welcome 2009/1430 Hijrah

  1. weit pizi….adeh terasa aku ko ckp ko xmo kalo dihantau ke ulu tmpt tperuk2 nih..mcm aku ja..hehehe..tp kan, mmg dulu aku x suka lnsg tmpt nih..but now, i’m really happy with my life..rasa sesak siot bila g KL..huhu~~ dah biasa aman damai kat cni..murah, tenang n keje yg sgt2 la rilleksnyee..hehe..ko try la dulu..kalo dpt kat kulim ni ha, ok pe..aku dah pindah pon..best je tmpt ni..aku skrg g penang ar nak enjoy ke blibur ke..hehe~ dokat saja

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