Spray Party a.k.a The Rendition of Snow

It was such an unexpected event but yet it’s happening!! Went for dinner at Nasi Ayam Hainan in Bukit Bintang on X-mas Eve (that’s my FAVOURITE place to enjoy nasi ayam!!!!). Lot of people there since tomorrow is a public holiday. On myway back, there was a bunch of people with their topi Santa holding lot of can of spray..then suddenly they all started spraying the crowd and yeah, u could hear the girls screaming while the guys gigling seeing they “whitening” the girls..They doesn’t stopped there, the crowd also spraying the vehicle who pass by and made such a huge noise! It was really fun to be in that crowd…everybody had fun…tho it seem uncontrollable but hey….who care??

Happy Holiday!!


2 thoughts on “Spray Party a.k.a The Rendition of Snow

  1. the christmas misses me or me misses it as i barely recall the 25th passes me by.

    i was busy either:

    a. contemplating to move on, stick it it, dump it or just ignore it (you probably know what i am talking about)

    b. packing in anxious disbelieve that i am leaving penang the next day

    c. watching spongebob’s marathon special on tv

    d. all of the above, but not at the same time

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