My 1st Pancake

my home made pancake

my home made pancake

Lurrrveeee with pancake at McD. Instead spending RM9 for it, i make my own pancake. Buy the pancake flour, a butter, and pancake syrup = RM35 , i can get more than what i spend at McD.Brilliant huh? Yeah..the look doesn’t make the pancake delicious, but believe me, the taste just dayme great! Lupa la nama tepung pancake tapi if u looking it in Jusco, there’s only one and only brand that sell the pancake flour. Selamat Mencuba!!!


3 thoughts on “My 1st Pancake

  1. piji, buruk nyer pancake ko. hahahaha…

    takpe2, ritu aku buat buruk gak tapi cantet sket ah dari ko.. ngehngehngeh…

  2. first of all… the McD’s one is called hotcakes, not pancakes. there is a clear differences in the spelling.. harharhar (statement poyo kejap)

    secondly, eating hotcakes in McD ain’t such a cool experience after all as the size is relatively small and its a bit bland, except when you request for extra syrup and smothered loads of grape jam squeezes on to of it.

    and yeh… making it DIY style is more fulfilling…

    tapi ble malas… bli sudeyh…

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