I’m Really With The Yellow Duck!!

So today, everything is final. The decision has been made. I’m going to work with Digi starting February 2009. It’s ahuge step and also a new beginning for me determine what kind of career that i would have in the future My position as a tranmission engineer, a position that i always dream of to have, it just i didn’t get a lot of chance before (hmm maybe my pointer isn’t promising..who knows kan??). Tapi berat hati jugakkan nak tinggalkan my current job yang memangbest, cuma apa yang aku buat sekarang dah tak menarik seperti masa mula-mula aku masuk dulu. I’m in lurrvee with image processing algorithm thingy. It’s excite me in a lot of way. After that, aku buat Artificial Intelligent punya algorithm, start drpd situ, aku dah rasa down giler sebab agak susah dan complicated. My mistake maybe, i didn’t take it as  a challenge and i end up feel bored and tired doin’ it everyday. AI tu menarik kalau betul-betul kita faham Cuma aku tak boleh bawak je. Jujurnya, programming bukan bidang aku masa belajar dulu tapi mungkin aku terjebak ke bidang tu lepas graduation dulu. So kiranya belajar dari mula…lagipun most team aku baru je nak bermula belajar programming. Talking about salary, honestly, kerja sekarang ni lagi tinggi gajinya…(sapa kata kerja dengan government gaji rendah??) tapi i really want to be in the telecommunication field since it’s my best interest. I will took all the experience that i have in CAIRO and bring it into my new workplace so that i can be a better person. I have everything here, a very cool and great friends, nice environment, friendly boss etc. It is about time for me to move on…doin something that i want. Thank you everyone who teach me a lot while i’m here. Everybody in Cairo is important to me. Truthfully, deep down i feel sad to leave this place, the place that give me a lot of hope.

Tapi ada lagi satu kerja yang aku tunggu..tapi tak pasti lagi dapat ke tidak…..haizzz…dilema dilema dilema dilema…


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