Happy Birthday To Me!!!!!!!!

wow…it’s been 24 years since i came out from my mother’s womb. Can’t believe i finally reached this stage, the stage that would define me for the next 16 years (People say life begin at 40’s haha..crap). So what have i done or accomplish throughout all these years? I have a career, i have something to drive on, surrounded with a cool friends, but something missing…deeply empty. You guys can guess it rite? I have everything (in a moderate way) but with whom i share with? A person..or the person? can’t find it yet (or yet to be found??). Maybe putting some goals could drive me to get something that i want? Here are my wishlist :
1- I need a career change..It’s not like i’m not happy with what i’m doin now..it just…ermm it’s like today u want a vanilla for ur ice cream flavor, next day u pick chocolate. Wow..now my career is just like an ice cream…
2-Be brave..think about yourself FIRST. All these years i’ve been worrying about people around me. Stop doin it. Pamper myself with my own attitude. Gossh i’m in love with myself now..Duhh??
3-Get rid people who drain you…Fcuk them all off.
4-Be firm with your judgement.
5-Please..i need to be MORE consistent (that’s how goal number 4 exist!)
6-I need my OWN laptop. Please..

So, tho there’s no party for my birthday (i wish the original plan didn’t canceled!), but getting the birthday wishes is fine by me cuz i tend to forget people’s birthday. Even i didn’t wish them happy birthday, but they always wish me, every freakin year. Thanks a lot! So..wanna sing something for me?????


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