P1 Wimax – Trial User

Hey these day kan, whois goin’ to give you a free thing or service for a such long period??I would say it’s my birthday present la since i got it for free a day before my birthday . The thing is, P1 Wimax, the first wimax provider that launch their service, giving 50’s fortunate low yat forumer a free trial for 6 months..I repeat 6 months..with 2.4Mbps! I repeat 2.4Mbps!! Waaallaa…it is so amazing deal. Kinda like a savior when my Celcom is getting terrible each second . The only thing that i need to do is to give them a feedback about their service and go to their gathering that they will hold each month. Simple huh? I consider myself lucky being picked by them as a trial user. So after they confirmed my place covered with wimax, they asked me to collect the modem at their hq in jalan templer. Since P1 is really nice to me , i’m going to put the feedback regarding to their service on my blog regularly . That it the least that i can do, for the moment ;). So my first review about the service…:

1-It’s damn free!!
2-The speed amazingly fast..like the good old days with Celcom
3-Installation is freakin’ simple. Plug and Play
4-Downloading from Megaupload up to 300kbps

1-The modem…just too big but they told me next year, they will be a smaller device like USB modem and also intel would come out with chip integrated with wimax!
2-Every 10 minutes@more, the network will be down. Sometime it will come back after 10 second, or u need to restart the modem ;(. This is a pretty laid back for their service at the moment
3-The plan is a contract basis and a bit expensive ;p

4-Kinda like Astro..when it’s rain..the signal gone

So here it is…my first comment bout WiMax. Some say wimax is going to be a failed technology but with a good promotion and service, why should we abandoned it??

p1 modem

p1 modem


5 thoughts on “P1 Wimax – Trial User

  1. Intel has come out with the Wimax chipset call Intel 5350 but it work in only 2.5Ghz whereby Packet 1 Wimax is 2.3Ghz. Lenovo has already got the chipset in Thinkpad X200, X300 and some other models in US but in malaysia, the Thinkpad that we buy still does not come with this configuration option. Let hope the distributors of Lenovo thinkpad in Malaysia get it sort out so we can all get Wimax notebook soon.

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