Bagaikan Sakti – Wonderful Song

sekali aku bukak balik lagu-lagu lama aku….yang dah berhabuk dan berkurun dalam hard disc ni…tetiba winamp aku ter’play’ lagu ni…i think this song is one of the wonderful song ever created. The song mix with java n local malay traditional song…lagu ni based on filem melayu termahal, Puteri Gunung Ledang. Siti Nurhaliza and M.Nasir make a very powerful combination…ahhh layan jugak lagu ni…especially sajak pada awal lagu tu….

I wanna send my condolence to the family who been effected by the landslide at Bukit Antarabangsa. Few months back, i was in that area, actually i’m lost at first lookin’ Carrefour, suddenly i reached to that area. It was great place but then, it still a dangerous place since all the houses are near the hill. Lately, there were lot of natural disaster that happened. Is that a sign? Are we well prepared? For those who still have a chance to breath in this world, take this as a reminder. Al-Fatihah….

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