What will you do if…………

……NAKED in the public is normal for ONE DAY

i’m not really sure where i got this stupid idea but hey..it’s 2008. Anything can be possible and normal wekekekeke….So what will i do if the statement above is valid. I’m going to keep this post is clean as possible, so please refrain your mind from getting near the negativity.

  1. Going for an interview – it’s an hectic and long process pairing the tie, the shirt, and the trousers. Don’t forget the belt shoud be the same color with the shoe. The interviewer always ask for being natural and be your self. So i’m being myself, just like the day when i was born. Nothing! Like a cleen sheet…
  2. Shopping for a new clothes – i don’t wanna do the same thing TWICE. So if i’m just naked, i don’t need to take off my clothes to try the new one.
  3. Dating – The same reason like the interview thing. Doesn’t it tiring process making yourself look fcuking great to impress your future partner in life…coz i wonder, once ur together, u doesn’t have enuf time to do your hair especially when u wake up.FULL STOP!! 
  4. Married Urghh the clothes for the sanding already cost you a gazillion cent! 
  5. Skinny-dip – Yay..especially at the waterfall…

So..what will you do if u get that chance? Ok..i’m not some of perv wanting to know part of your dark side in your mind, but what i just wrote, it does make sense..(or u just pretend don’t realize it??) and i’m also not some sort of nudist activist who promoting nudism getaway hahaha


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