Radit dan Jani

Truthfully, my last Indonesian movie that i watch was Ada Apa Dengan Cinta..err that was last 5 years ago, while i’m still letting my moustache make me look 10 years older. While wasting my precious time doing something beneficial, i’m browsing some forum and saw someone recommend to watch “Radit & Jani”. Tagline this film is “Love story with attitude”. I’m guessing this film is going to full with hatred, immoral behaviour, anger, outrage, etc. Yerp..it does. It has all of it but the way they potrayed the love of the couple really uplifting. The story is about a young married couple who face a lot problem in their life in term of money and trust. Despite the husband is a drug addict, a thief, Jani (the woman) is always behind him and support every single thing that he did. They love each so freaking much. It’s like nothing could stop them. I love what’s Radit said to Jani

“Jani, kamu pasti kelaperan deh hidup sama aku”
“Aku yakin, hidup kita pasti lebih baik”.
“Aku akan kirim lagi demo tape yang pernah aku buat. Aku berharap banget bisa diterima.. Kamu sabar, ya?”

“Jani, kamu bahagia hidup sama aku?”
“kenapa kamu nanya kayak gitu?”
“gpp.. kamu bahagia?”
“Aku bahagia..”
“Kamu harus bahagia, Jani, suatu hari nanti aku pasti bisa bikin kamu bahagia.”
“Aku percaya..”
“Nanti, gaji pertamaku untuk kita pake buat jalan. Abis tu kita makan enak. Abis tu kita nonton di bioskop kayak dulu.”

Banyak kali Radit cakap ayat tu pada Jani….he never give up to make Jani happy even he has to drink someone else piss! Gluurrrpppp…ok..spoiler alert! Lot of emotion playing in this movie. It showed me that how bad you are, the feeling to be love is still there either you’re a murderer, a thieft, a con man or whatever, u still have the love feeling dan hidup ini susah.. The ending of the film is just amazing. I can’t believe how they ended it. It’s a must watch movie either your in love or not…..


6 thoughts on “Radit dan Jani

  1. i nak tgk…p xsyok la tgk u tube sgt slow lorh..burnkan pinjamkan dgn i buleh???uuwwaaa nak tgk nak tgk……..

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