Overrated KLCC

For the last 8 days, i went 4 times to KLCC for different purpose, basically i met people there

kinda a  meeting point especially for those who i’ve never met before

sound like a blind meeting (i wouldn’t use the word “date” here arrr)

Luckily for me, LRT station is just nearby to my house

I wouldn’t take my car there anymore since the parking fee is just ridiculously amazingly expensivo!

compare to the LRT is just RM3.20 including return journey..

Tho, KLCC somehow kinda overrated

but it just a nice place for hang out even for shopping purpose, i’d say i couldn’t really afford it..

if it’s not because the LRT, KLCC would be the last place that i’m going to

since meeting people need me to spend a bit more of my ka-chinggg!






~mIss The nAndos~