Being Nice Is Not Enuf

We all have different kind of interest

We even have different personality

We even can’t share the same music

I’m stuck

Cuz they’ll being great to me

But nice isn’t enuf

Am i too greedy?

We didn’t talk much

We didn’t share much thing

We prefer to Mind Your On Business (MYOB)

I don’t what is happening

What do i know, it’s full of silence…..

We invisible to each other…

We can’t see what we have now

either everybody is getting sick with each other

or just the environment

double parking?

Non secure?

Broken lift?

Homely type?

Outgoing person?

I’m one the road with 2 pavement

which 1 shud go with?

shud i stay

or move on?

either way

still…it’s going to turn out to be the same problem


feel like i’m a drama queen in the making