Tv Series Update


Reason why downloaded this series jez because it’s already return for season 3 and it proved it’s a great series. There’re even lucky if they get to return for season 2. Dexter is a name of guy who has an urge to kill. He’s working as a blood spatter analysis in Miami. He loves to kill people, especially the bad one. He can’t help it. It is his nature. This series contains lot of vulgar words and it keeps repeating the fcuking word and I could say, they served a lot of gory scene. I just watched episode 1 from the season 1 and it’s already great!


New series from the creator of Lost! It’s like the remake of The X-Files without Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny haha. What makes me want to watch this mainly because of JJ Abrams since he’s the one who responsible creating hit series Lost. The story is about a FBI agent facing mysterious cases. The cases could be related to the experiment done by some organisation that they refer as a pattern. It could be from an advance science experiment that just over the limit and it’s very dangerous. It just getting better every episodes and though it doesn’t have any hunk or hot babes in it, it can stand alone with their storyline..Yay

** I can’t help to be tv series junkie!!!