Blast From The Past

I have created multiple blogs for the past 3 years..None i’m able to update it, except this one. When i go through my old blogs, i feel a bit emotional..remembering what had happened on that day especially when i’m still a student..full of suprises and happiness…Let me bring you back on what i’ve written on October 18, 2006…………………

…………………..There’s a lot of things that keep playing in my mind now. I prefer to keep it by myself since no one ask me to share it. We definitely can’t share everything to everyone what we feel or what we think. We probably want to keep it as a secret so that people around will eagerly want to know more about you. So here’s the thing that in my mind..for now

  • I feel guilty to myself
  • I want to get over the Thursday soon as possible
  • A little bit feel lonely
  • Jim thinks that I’m mad to him
  • I hate sitting in front of my computer with no one is online
  • Got the best morning shout out with imaginary feather and breakfast
  • Thinking about dinner tonite..person who will join me later
  • Still embarress thinkin’ bout a blind date that my friends set up last nite…what the hell r u guys thinking lol
  • Hate my cellphone today. I can’t do anything with it.
  • I’m accidentally locked my nephew outside the house! My sister in law didn’t told me earlier that she will go out and locked the door. I didn’t hear my nephew knocking the door so many times. Finally i opened the door and see her crying…sorrry
  • I’m so tired with study. Can i just do nothing for a few days? Please…
  • Need to write a resume. Have to prepare earlier before I finished my study on April 07
  • Next week is a semester break. Pheww..I can get away from here…just need a fresh air
  • I think music from Breaking Benjamin is tooo loud. Am i too old for this stuff??
  • Think that I had a great week. I feel lucky everyday.

So…tell me 5 things that’s in ur mind now…