No Comment Syndrom

This is final, period! <did u aware i’m emphasizing the same word?> final and period have the same meaning? Huh..don’t care? U need to care because misunderstanding of the meaning could lead being ME talking about the PMS!! oWh ok..what am i babbling about? Stop with the nonsense, let’s get back to the surface

I need to stop the comment section in my blog ‘coz i found it so addicting. I need to stop haunting new comment every second. Does it bring any good to me? It just time consuming for you and I <Duhhh>

I love the comments, as a prove someone left a footprint here and help with my stat <i’m talking about the blog STAT dearrrr>

Doesn’t it great if it just need to have any obligation

I just give a slack…make thing easier…

Urrghhh what am i ranting here…the point is ; there will be no more comment section in my blog…Yay!! It’s not like my blog such a popular blog so that everyone who visited here leave something to remember..Remember, personal blog is the lamest blog ever exist! U’ll never get 1000 of reader per day if your not some kind of celebrity who forgot to keep the knee shut and expose it to the whole world with ur so called camera.. <Urghh i need to stop!>

I’m sorry to one of my friend <couldn’t reveal it here her name>..because she joined me for “bukak puasa”, people around me started thinking that I’m dating is so not true because she already has a boyfriend! Case closed, no more funtasy about having my “pelamin” under Gunung Kinabalu  <what so ever> coz the real person is just around the corner!!