Corat-Coret Aidilfitri 2008

It’s been for quite sometime I didn’t write anything. It’s Hari Raya-lah..everything off! It’s not fun eating rending on my right and blogging on my left! It’s so much to be said, so I put it in a point (powerpoint style haha)

– It is the first Raya ever I didn’t wear anything new including Baju Melayu. I wear last year punya baju. I bought new clothes for Raya, it just I didn’t wear it – not suitable for Raya I suppose

– It also my first time giving “duit raya” for my nephews and nieces. Sad, sad, sad coz usually my bro n sis gave me an advance “duit raya” to buy something for Raya but this year, everything is on me. Either I have the money or not, it’s my problem.

– I hate painting but it was my first task once I reached the “kampong”. My mom asked me to paint the fence and I had to do it. She know I hated it but if I didn’t do it, who else mehhh! The long term solution for the problem: Bring down the fence and replace it with a wooden fence or Bali Style fence! Whoo hooo!

– No cookies or “biskut raya”! My sister-in-law who suppose to make it can’t bring it to my home because her sister died, a day before Raya. So my brother had to celebrate the Raya in Perak. It’s an unfortunate event but things happened. So I had to buy a cookies and it was our first time we actually bought a cookies. Fact: don’t buy any cookies at the street or “jualan lelong” cookies because it taste suck! It’s like it’s been made 10 years ago..crapp..nak Raya pun tipu orang lagi!

– The day before Raya is the true meaning of Raya for me. It’s time for everybody to get busy especially for those who in charge making the “Lemang”. I mean, ayyoo Lemang..really hard to make it. The process to get the bamboos pun a bit nak bakar lemang. It’s really hot I tell ya..and silap langkah, u’ll get a hard thick lemang with the soft portion inside, and it isn’t nice. But I do remember, few years back, I made the whole process of making Lemang with my mom and until now, I can’t believe how I did it because this year, I can’t even stand at the lemang more than 5 minutes coz it’s freaking haawwt!

– There are 2 new family members – Mohd Naufal and Mohd Farish Amsyar! You’re really lucky being born in this big family Whoo hooo!

– There’re 3 different categories of Duit Raya: Category 1 = Age 0-12 years old, Category2 = Age 12-17, and Category3 = Age 18-21. How much for each category? Biarlah rahsiaaaa….

– On the 1st day of Raya, all Muslim are advise to go for a pray at the mosque. So I went with the rest of my male family members (usually women stay at home preparing the dishes). Then the Imam, acknowledge everybody before the pray start. It just, the Imam acknowledge the Dato’ and Datin first before the rest of us who doesn’t have any title. I mean, seriously, can’t we be equal, at least at such holy place. I felt like I have no dignity at that time (too emotional I guesss).. Boooo..Owh I didn’t get to pray because it’s place to pray..Happened every year but none action taken!

– My granma celebrate the Raya in Johor this year but no one told us she would be there..My makcik should told us but hmmm…Been there…don’t care..

– 2nd day of Raya is the most boring day for the entire year.. Everybody going back to their in-laws house and it just me and my mother at the house..Duhhh..No internet and no one’s really killing me…me wanting to get out from it and go back to KL…period!

– Raya ni untuk sedih-sedih ke?? I’m confused..aren’t we suppose to be happy on Raya? Ini tidak..malam raya semua cerita sedih-sedih..terpekik terlolong..meleleh-leleh air mata…ending mesti anak dengan mak berjumpa semula…tak pun ada eksiden..mati..pastu nangis lagi kat kubur masa pagi raya…ayyooo strereotype giler…bosan sih…predictable…tapi janganlah citer lawak budus macam cerita Otai or Nana Tanjung 2..very the bohsan dan agak bahngang! Prof Razak isn’t releven anymore lahhh…one movie that I really laugh is Zombie Kampung Pisang..Mamat Khalid really know how to tickle the sensitive part on my body wakakaka

– There’s no more konvoi raya to my former classmate and my teachers..we used to do it every’s like a tradition but not this year…I think the tradition is finally over..

Now i’m back in KL, sakit hati with Mat Rempit who just bikin dia punya ekzos kasi kuat bunyiknya…cam haram..duit raya ko gi repair moto plak..bising giler…


4 thoughts on “Corat-Coret Aidilfitri 2008

  1. terlalu banyak peristiwa berlaku yer..
    apa2 pun semoga u happy selalu..
    mmg betul..
    setiapkali susunan rancangan tv terlalu bosan..
    mungkin dorang memikirkan tidak ramai orang akan menonton..
    sbb tue dorang tayang citer yg membosankan..
    btw Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri..
    maaf zahir dan batin..

  2. hangin..hangin..dah tulis komen td ilang laks

    haha..mmg xsmpat nak tgk tv sgt raya aritu..sib baik cite xbes suma..astrok pun sama asyik ulang cite sedih2 ..yg mesti wataknya ade kene cedera kaki, n pastu kaki berulat ( derang letak ulat nangka..hehe)..sengal..asyik2 same je..hanginn je nengok..

  3. cam tak syok jer bunyik raya ko.. hahahaha….
    aku pun tak syok gak, hari raya ketiga dah beraya kat dalam keter. huhuhuhu..

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