Depressing Movie Ever!!!!!!

For my entire life, when i watch a movie, i never shut the movie off because of the story. If i hate the movie, i just closed it and watch another movie, but this time, i even shut my computer off. It’s not like the movie jez really bad, but the story is just so depressing. It’s Dancer In The Dark movie. I read the review about that movie and i think it’s one of my kind, depressing, emotional, lot of tears etc. Hate to admit but i sorta an emo guy when it comes to a movie. It’s Bjork who play the main character. Who can forget her swan dress when she attend Academy Awards few years ago. The story is about Selma Jezkova (Bjork), an immigrant from Czech came to USA with one purpose…for her kid, Gene. She kinda a weirdo mom whois going to be blind but she struggling everyday to get a money for one purpose. But things happened….<spoiler alert>

Why i called it depressing?? In the middle of the movie, i shut my pc off and cursing so loud because i just can’t take it anymore. Something cruel happened to Selma and it’s beyond my imagination…it just too much for me, i guess. And since then, flood of tears coming out from my eyes haha….mock me dear..i don’t care a bit because i really cried until the end of the movie. The sincerity of the acting really touched me. Bjork, i don’t know where this girl come from but I do know she is a singer. I really recommend u guys to watch this whatever it takes…download it, steal the DVD from the store (if you really have too)…because it’s worth it. I’ll upload this movie on CairoServer so that we could share the tears hehe


7 thoughts on “Depressing Movie Ever!!!!!!

  1. Loh, bis tu ko tengok abis ke idak? cakap shut down masa tengah2 movie tapi bleh plak sambung balik ek? adoi la.

  2. forrest gump?wokeh nanti den downloadkan…
    ekceli..den tgk citer tu malam..pas x tahan geram..den tutup..sok pagi bila hati dah tenang, den sambung balik…haha…sodeh yang amat

  3. nak tgk chite tuh!!!!!!! sila2 bagi saya copy yer.cuz nak tau jgak jauh mana sad cite tuh sampai shutdown2 nieh..

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