The Day that I Stop Believing…..

…in Public Transport!!! Million of complaints, zillion unresolved problems, and the list goes on. Last week, I bought a bus ticket to Melaka. I decided not to drive a car because I just came back from Melaka a week before (actually it’s all because of the tight budget haha..kedekut). On Friday night, after ‘berbuka’, around 845 I waited a bus in front of my apartment. It’s Rapid KL bus with a number U23 that suppose to bring me to LRT Station at Tititwangsa. I saw the bus heading in the opposite direction and from my smart calculation; it took only 10 minutes for the bus to turn around before it can fetch me. Yeah smarty pants, 10 minutes??? No you idiot, ½ hour!! Ahhh that bus just gimme a S word….My bus in Puduraya will be boarding around 10pm but on 950pm, I’m still in Titiwangsa LRT station waiting for the train to come. Ahhh yeah another stupid thing I noticed, a store value ticket for Putra LRT cannot be use for Star LRT which apparently both services is from the same company (not to mention the Rapid KL bus also). Goosshh…felt like stupid at that moment when the time is running out..Finally when I reached Puduraya, my bus already ‘left’ me. It breaks my heart A LOT since the main purpose I’m going back is to see my new nephew. He doesn’t know his Pakcik yet…ahhh soo sad. So I turn back to Wangsa Maju station and ask my housemate to pick me there. I also throw away the store value ticket that still has balance around RM10 because I’m really frustrated. I will not put my feet again into that bus. I stop believing with the public transport but one thing I believe, the power up there might have a better plan for me here.

p/s:Pak Lah is one hell of lucky guy…got to ride on Public Transport for only ONE day for his entire life…and he made a lot of complaints…but we..use it everyday…how ironic??


4 thoughts on “The Day that I Stop Believing…..

  1. huhu..memang sengal…kalau aku dah tensen hantokkk paler dah.. syahdu weiii nak balik kampung tak dapekk.. seb bek bukan balik raya..

  2. hey! baek u p complaint kat their site! seyesly they handle it very i complaint the other day and dey managed to improve the services. thank god if not they sure will be receiving anotha love letter from me!hihi so right on.p complaint2 p wat love letter kat dieorg!!!!

  3. pijie.. apesal ko kudukut sangat tak pasal-pasal rugi seploh hengget dengan masa untuk tido.huhu. buang karen aje.

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