The Hot Punk Chick!!!

No other than Avril!!!! It was an amazing show. Awesome! I’m soooo satisfied with the performance and I bet all the fanz who came on that night feel the same too. She sang all her hit songs like ‘When you’r gone’, ‘Girlfriend’,’All the best damn thing”,’He wasn’t’, ‘Hot’, ‘Innocent’, ‘My happy ending’, ‘ Complicated’ and ‘Ska8er Boy’. We all singing along with her especially Complicated song which bring me the memories back in 2002. Listening to her that nite kinda listening to the CD. Not much different but the energy that she puts to heat up the nite really amazing. She also showed her skills playing the organ, acoustic guitar, and also the drum! Regarding to her appearance, she abide all the rules by wearing a nice and simple outfit. Just a plain baby-t and jeans. She also didn’t really aggresive on stage, just a normal performance. Two thumbs for her coz she respect all the rules given to avoid any uncomfortable outcomes that might be a little bit sensitive.She’s hot on the stage, with the coolest crowd ever, that night was a night to be remember!

courtesy from beyieng

courtesy from beyieng

courtest from bayeing

courtest from bayeing

courtesy from bayeing

courtesy from bayeing


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