Top 10 LRT Horror

Took this from

The girl who wrote this based in NY Subway, but I’m totally sure you can apply it here!

10) LOUD people that talk about NOTHING INTERESTING for 30 minutes straight!
Blah, blah, blah, and then she was blah, blah, blah, blah, and so I was blah, blah, blah…

9) Women that put their makeup on!
Applying makeup is a very personal and private routine. I have nothing against quickly re-applying your lipstick, but I don’t think it’s classy to start from scratch and apply all of your makeup in front of dozen of strangers.

8) People that cut their fingernails!
As weird as this might sound, it’s actually a pretty common sight. I understand we all try to use our commuting time productively, but how about catching up on your magazine subscription instead of pulling out the nail clippers?!?!

7) People that eat!
It’s pretty disgusting when somebody sitting next to you starts eating some weird smelling food, or for that matter, any food. I’ve sat next to people that have McDonald breakfasts, and all you can smell is EGG and FRIED. I’ve sat next to people that have PIZZA on the train. I’ve sat next to people that have eaten who knows what and that it smelled like something you should use to fertilize fields.

6) People that kick off their shoes and put their feet up on the seats!
Yuck! Air pollution!!!

5) People that put their bags on the seat next to them and act annoyed when I ask for the seat!
I’m sorry to bother you, but do you mind if I sit there instead of your broccoli and your cabbage?

4) People that run and cut in front of me to get a seat as if it were a matter of life or death!
I understand you want a seat for the ride, but don’t go cutting in front of me because I am really close to tripping one of you!

3) People that squeeze themselves between seats when there is not enough room!
Your butt is 20 inches wide. The space between me and the person next to me is about 10 inches wide. Anybody will tell you that you won’t fit. You still go for it. Suddenly our thighs become very close friends. I give up my 14 inches of space.

2) People that fall asleep on my shoulder!
Seriously! I understand you’re tired, and I don’t mind if you close your eye and take a nap, but my shoulder is not your pillow!

And the number 1 subway horror:

1) People that take advantage of rush hour and crowding to cop-a-feel!
One time, the train was very crowded and we were all standing close to each other. At one point, this lady turned to a man right behind her and said to him, loud enough for all of us to hear: “Mister, you better stop right now or I’ll call the cops!” so the man started screaming at her: “How dare you! You are a mad woman! You slut! I’ll call the cops on you!!!” His crazy and excessive reaction spelled oh so GUILTY!!!


One thought on “Top 10 LRT Horror

  1. Subway NY buruk…busuk….bau hancing kat stesen…yaarrkkkkk..
    so,malaysia patut bersyukur lrt kite ok lagi….walau crowded….jgn jadi mcam makcik yg penah merungut(rsnye first time die naik putra kot)…”OMG,OMG….this is worst than Japan”….tak tau laa org jepun cane naik tren kan…kot2 asek bow…tp,hakikatnye,mmg kene berebut laa kalo naik tren ms peak hours.tak kire laa katne…NY even worst…trust me!

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