How To Stop Hotlink Spamming Our Inbox?

Recently, Hotlink keep giving me A LOT OF advertisement or promotion by sending me a SMS which I consider as a spamming. It’s super annoying especially when I suddenly wake up hearing my phone ringing. U might say “just push the freaking DELETE button!!!” but i consider it’s wasting my time. The fact my phone ringing can reduce the battery life. Why don’t I keep my phone in silent mode? Vibrating also reduce my battery life. And also, keep sending me the SMS could  lead to the congestion of their network. Doesn’t it make any sense?

So how to solve this problem? You could try sending them an Email. Here, I put my email that i sent to them. Thanks to scleng from Lowyatt forum because posting that email. Perhaps it could ends our nightmare!

Hope this will help!

My email to (

Dear Officer,

I frequently receive SPAM message which I consider as spam sent by your company regarding all the promotion.
And I wish to terminate my name in the Promotion SMS sending list from your company since it was really irritated.
And there are some number from +60128xxxxxx for example +60128233510 sending those porno SMS to my mobile asking me to reply for getting their services.

Any necessary action will be taken if no response from your company.

Here I enclose my personal information for verification purpose.

Name : xxx xxx xxx
IC : xxxxxxxxxxx
Maxis Mobile Number: xxxxxxxxx

Do you have any inquiries, please contact me via this number: xxxxxxxxx

Best Regards,

And their reply:

Dear Mr xxx,

Thank you for contacting Maxis and we apologise for the delay in responding to your email.

We have excluded your mobile number from receiving promotional SMS from Maxis or Hotlink. Kindly allow 7 days for this to take effect.

For SMS messages received from mobile numbers e.g. 012 and 017, kindly provide the date and time of SMS received as well as the content of the SMS as these information would allow us to investigate the matter further.

For further queries and clarification, do not hesitate to email us at

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Razlin Dawina
Customer Relations Unit
Customer Operations


3 thoughts on “How To Stop Hotlink Spamming Our Inbox?

  1. hi there,

    can u help me?
    how u contact the hotlink customer services??
    i have a same problem as u…

    kindly need your help:(

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