The 27th

Last nite, my bro send me an SMS telling me my sister in law had been admitted to the hospital for the labouring (pregnancy thingy of course!). I read the SMS around 4am with my eyes still lip locking with the base (errr i’m not sure it’s the correct argument haha..lantakla). When i woke up at 8, yay!! They got a baby boy. Alhamdullilah..praise to God. The last time they had a baby is 7 years ago and after a long rest, i could hear a baby cry and get to smell the baby’s odour (baby produce a smell that really really lovely!). My mom also comes with my sister to visit my brother. The baby hasn’t given a name yet but a rumour tells (wah macam ruangan gossip) that it will be Mohammad Naufal. I think it’s a great name and if i got a chance i wanna put my dream name in it hahaha. Tapi macam tak boleh je…Ahaaa that’s not just it, next week we all expecting another new member of our family. It’s my sister’s turn! So total it up : 28 nieces……!!!!! waahh what a big family. I know, i know they expecting me after this! Not me-lah, my future wife lah which is still cloudy whois going to be?

such a cutie

such a cutie

Welcome Aboard

Welcome Aboard


4 thoughts on “The 27th

  1. Congratulations uncle!!!~~ he’s big and cute!!! =) so simpan duet xlama lgi nak raya kne bagi duet raya!!! banyak tuh…

  2. btol cupcake…byk anak buah,byk duit kene kuar nik…hehehe…..
    weh~comel giler anak buah ko…bile nak jadi model VSDP plak yg nih…hehehehe….

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