Wrong Signal!!

It is not enuf facing the motorist who always giving us a wrong signal while they paraded their vehicle on the road. Once we thinking their going to the left, they turn right & sometime they just put the signal on for fun. U’ll get angry but none action taken. Nothing much you can do? What do u expect?

Eyy, that just metaphor. I think i gave someone a wrong signal, not on the road, but on the way i acted? The person think i like them, but truthfully, i don’t. Last night was a chaos. I lost a friend because i gave them a wrong signal. They hated me because they expecting more, more than just a friend. But i can’t give to them because it’s wrong. It’s not fair for me or them. It’s going to be a relationship based on the lie (or sympathy?)

I put the blame on myself too, like i said, i gave them a wrong signal. A signal that i shouldn’t give, at all.

But it happened, and they are no Reverse gear in this situation.

I lost a friend because of the damn signal

I hate signal



4 thoughts on “Wrong Signal!!

  1. yea,obviously i have to admit that i do give wrong signal too with people. and now someone thinks that i like him. duh..why cant i be a little bit extra nice to guys and in return they will be thinking that i have something for them. sometimes it is so hard to be nice. i just want to be friends. best buddies maybe?is there anything as in best buddies between a girl and a boy. i wish i can just have a best boyfriend ever. not Mr Lover type but a Mr Friend type. is there any outside there???wonder why wonder how.

  2. ayyyyy look like wer having the same problem
    after i said “i didn’t have any feeling to you..i just wanna be friend”
    then she said ” kalau kawan, mana-mana you boleh carik!”
    then she timbulkan soal i guna “I n U” instead “Saya n Awak”
    she said “I n U” jez for couple
    then we never talk anymore…even wer best buddy before
    crappy crappy crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Eh, terbaca komen ko sendiri. Aku nih buta vocab untuk kpel2 nih. I n U tu untuk kapel ek? Naper aku rasa Saya Awak tu cam lebih berkapel? Alah senang2 aku ko jer untuk sumer orang.

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