The Dark Knight

No need to say much about this latest instalment of Batman. It just great, near perfect, packed with a lot of action and the acting (you know who I am talking about) is jez amazing! Heath Ledger a.k.a Joker character outshines the Batman itself. No one could ever bring the Joker nearly as great as Mr. Ledger. Too bad, in the real world, he doesn’t exist anymore. Joker is so manipulative, physco, brutal but yet, he is the one of the coolest villain I ever seen in a movie. He just do thing, he doesn’t plan anything because when there is no plan, people will get chaotic a.k.a panic. One of the most memorable quote he said “Why so serious??” and also “ You completed me!”. Hahaha it is so funny jez like both of them are couple. Joker is right. Batman completed him. Can u imagine the movie without Joker? Or the movie without Batman? So they completed each other! Leave alone the Two Faces a.k.a Harvey Dent. He just the cosmetic but it showed that good people can turn into a dark side with jez one trauma. I jez luv the Batman’s bike. It look simple but they way he drives it, it is soo freaking kewl. It also our first time watching a movie in Capsquare. It’s the latest mall in KL (doesn’t we have enough shopping complex here??) and i’m not sure if they already launch the mall yet. There are less people there and not more than 5 shops already open their business. It’s cozy for me despite the air-conditioner in the cinema kinda not really soothing. Going to be my favourite after One Utama because of the distant and the parking fee is cheap!


5 thoughts on “The Dark Knight

  1. aku tgk cite ni..”bes” gile smpai telelap ek?? muffinz pon same..hahahha..yg pastinye..the mummy 3 better la dr dark knight nii..besss ooo..klakaa…

  2. ohoooo..the mummy bes ek…journey to the center of the earth pon bes.lagi bes kalo korg tgk 3D kot..nyesal tak tgk 3D.tket 3D rm17….mmg ngancam aa adventure nye…..tapi aku rs last weekend last kot tayagan nye…ish ish…kalo nak tgk 3D kat mid valley ngn TGV KLCC ade.weh…tgk jgn tak tgk!!!

  3. Emm..aku rasa Dark Knight ni paling menonjol watak Joker berbanding BatMan tu sendiri. Guna gadget pun tak banyak. Paling gempak kereta dan motor dia la (kalau la aku dapat motor tu. Huhuhu)

  4. Capsquare soping complex baru kat masjid india sana jalan munshi.tersorok ada plak soping complex chantek.kwang kwnag kwang

    aah sampai telelap tgk cite nieh.LOL.ntah pape ntah.. next cite is mummy!yeay!!!!

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