The weekend, Olympic fever, Buttcrack lunch, and Snow Wash

Yay!! It’s the weekend. I’ve been waiting it since Monday to reach this point because my work kinda in a slow progress and it just really frustrating. It’s time for me take a rest, even for a while and start a new chapter next week (hoping it will get better). It’s going to be a long weekend for me. My paid is on next week and the wallet just flattened, and clearly i won’t go anywhere more than 2 KM radius from my house (to avoid filling the gas that going to make me crazy when the bill reach me). Since i’m taking a bike to go for work, 3 times a week, I could see the different. I’m saving more and my target for the gas is RM70 for 2 weeks. That’s mean RM140 for a month PLUS RM100 (that’s for going back to my hometown in Melaka) =RM240! Yay!!!

So yesterday, after having roti canai at Mamak Stall, i went to the car wash to pamper my baby that hasn’t taken a shower for 2 weeks. Errkk of course it’s dirty especially when it comes to rain. Poor baby…sorry never got a chance to bring you there..busy busy (or lazy?). Thing that i like when i bring my car to car wash is that the moment they spray the soap (bubble) and it seems my car just being covered by a snow (apparently we will never get a chance to experience it haha). That’s why they put a sign “SNOW WASH” because of that thing. I’m not a fan of washing my car with my own bare hand. It takes a lot of energy and the thing is, i can’t wash it by myself since i’m staying in an apartment. By just paying RM8, it can save up a lot time and energy.

It’s noon already. Went straight to Jusco Alpha Angle with one purpose, Special Edition McD Olympic glass. Just saw the flyer few days before and couldn’t resist getting one (or all 5’es). After buying some stuff at Jusco (and it’s freaking heavy), i’m getting into a long line to buy the collectable item. The line that i picked (there was a 4 counters at that time) just horrible. The person at the in front looks like having a kenduri for the whole kampong! It took around 15 minutes just to wait their order to complete. A guy in front me just cursing (silently of course). I see his lips mumbling something like he saying the F word. Then there’s another group in front of him taking the order, but it seems their clueless what to order. Roughly, they took about 10 minutes just to place the order. WTH!! 10 minutes? Come on, u should get some idea what to eat before u place the order. I wish i can kick their ass PHYSICALLY!! The guy who queing in front me couldn’t wait any longer and he just took off. Poor him..i bet he’s really hungry but he should be thankful because he’s one step ahead of having a healthy life (Who claim having McD as your lunch as part of your diet??). While i’m waiting in the line, i saw something ugly. There is one girl who sits which her butt is facing me and i saw her butt!!! Partly (that’s what we called Butt Crack)..Urgghh lady, i don’t need ur ugly butt as my appetizer. Even if it’s Angelina jolie butt crack, it wouldn’t turn me on. There’s one pepatah in Malay “Alang-alang menyeluk perkasam, biar sampai ke pangkal lengan”…What i mean is, if you want to show ur butt, just bare it all..(I know u can’t do it especially at the public).. Then SHOVE it inside!!!!! Even the sex maniac see it, they wouldn’t have any feeling to do anything to the Butt Crack Poser….Yuckk!!

The Olympic Glass on my workstation

The Olympic Glass on my workstation


5 thoughts on “The weekend, Olympic fever, Buttcrack lunch, and Snow Wash

  1. hahaha… Bontot tak cantek pun nak tayang.. Simpan diam2 suday laaa..
    Mesti terbantot selera ko nak makan kan?

  2. 1st of all.
    eee so lazy ehs nak wash kete sendiri LOL!!! kata nak save but spent rm8 for nothing than cuci keta kat car wash.kalo cuci sendiri kan jimat!hihik =p jk

    2nd of all.
    gals nowadays memang like that. i wonder what is so great showing their butt off. kalo butt chantek pon ada ke yg tegoda besides the preverts.kalo nak sexy pon what on earth is that sexyness when ur butt is showing.

    3rd and lastly.
    I also have that glass!nice!!! i xpakai i simpan masok kotak collectibles. yeay! there is 5 of them different color kn??when is the other 5 akan klua?hmm

  3. hehehe… leh jer aku nak post. tapi kena tunggu aku bli burner baru la.yang skang ni taleh burn dah. banyak sangat bakar mayat.
    aku tak sure ko suker ker tak tapi at least ko tgk gak season 4, season paling best walopun ader baper belas episode jer.. orait2 nanti aku bagi kalo dah beli burner.

  4. ekekeke tu laptop company…tak bley wat pape dah…
    pc aku tuh ada lagi..buat dummy je la ni…huwaaa
    kalau nak donlod lelama, br aku pakai pc ku yg terchenta tu

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