Happy Birthday Best Buddy

Duh!!! Every year macam ni. Lupe! Lupe! Lupe! It’s not that i’m forget, it just i couldn’t remember what day is today..Aku siap letak reminder kt calender berbulan-bulan lamanya. Anyway, even terlewat beberapa jam, aku nak wish kt my best friend, Happy Birthday yang ke-24!! It’s not like wer going to celebrate it coz just in case we celebrated it, kita meraikan satu hari lebih tua daripada sebelumnya..urghhh no one likes to get old….(but we still getting old)…Aku kenal Asyraf ni dah lama..sejak dari Form One lagi..masa tu innocent je muka masing-masing…Banyak memories la since wer in the same high schoold despite having a big fight back then…hahah Good old days….Kalau dikenang-kenang balik, cam haram je puncanya..tapi kalau takde tu, macam static sangat plak….boreddd…Bila dah masuk U, kami dah tak sekapal la sebab dia masuk UiTM..but then everytime we have “money” we’ll go out together, just do the normal stuff like teenagers do haha…dalam tak sedar, dah 11 tahun aku kenal mamat ni. It such a long journey and i’m glad i have a friend like him, who always stand by my side, dalam susah dalam senang..So for your birthday, i wish you will have such a bright future and all good luck in whatever you do…Owh one thing , thankful God that He created you and be my very bestest buddy in the whole universe…Happy Birthday!!!!

Asyraf (on the left) - We wish you Happy Birthday

Asyraf (on the left) - We wish you Happy Birthday

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