Mr Hancock & Mrs Wendys

Last weekend, I hang out with my friend, Asyraf. It’s been a while i didn’t go out with him. He stayed a night at my house after his bowling tournament in Mid V. On Sunday, we decided to watch “Hancock” in Sunway Pyramid (and i tell ya, it’s one of the worst seat ever!!!! I mean the seat in the cinema). Sunway Pyramid (SP) have one of efficient parking system as far as i knoe-lah. Setiap petak pada kawasan parking tu, ada satu indicator(macam lampu) kat atas petak tu. Kalau petak tu kosong, indicator tu akan berwarna hijau (dan merah vice versa). Besides that, ada satu electronic board yang akan display berapa banyak lagi petak yang kosong dalam satu-satu kawasan. It’s very good system sebab memang memudahkan..tapi very unlucky for us, semua indicator warna merah haha. Don’t worry, usually level atas memang banyak kosong. I think they got this idea from one of the finalist in one of the reality tv-lah, Nescafe kick-start (or the guy who actually proposed his idea to SP??). After we took the movie ticket, Asyraf brought me to a new restaurant, W endys. Restaurant ni fast-food ala-ala McD, it just the burger is larger and their fries taste damn great. Satu yang berbeza, dia punya signature dish dia, baked potato. Potato tu direbus dan diletak topping macam cheese, broccoli with sour cream. Memang sedap. Aku dah tak larat nak makan sebab burger dia sangat besar, full with cheese (yerp..i love cheezzeee). The price definitely a bit more expensive than McD, but if there’s McD n Wendys side to side, i’ll rather spend more at Wendys because i know it’s worth it. Sebelum movie start, kami wandering around la kat SP yang kian membesar tu. Sejak new wing tu bukak, rasa dah macam nak tercabut kaki ni. Either we’re getting older or the mall jez damn big, u pick the choice lah hahaha…We then enter Al-Ikhsan to find a bag for my lappy. Thanks God, finally i found a decent bag to carry my lappy to the office instead i bring the super hideous bag courteous from Dell. Ahhh tak sempat nak story pasal lappy pinjam tuh..Nanti aku story. Watching Hancock kinda watching a tipikal superhero movie Cuma kali ni superhero dia digambarkan macam orang biasa. No fancy outfit or even super lightning power that can kill the enemy with just one blast. Baca komen dalam internet, boleh pulak diaorang samakan dengan cerita I am Legend (which apparently i slept while i’m watching it hahaha). Hancock is just like ordinary people with the exception that he is very strong and can fly too. Kalau dalam cerita superhero yang lain, mesti diaorang ni akan sembunyikan identity diaorang, tp Hancock tak payah. Semua orang tahu yang dia ni superhero. Masalahnya, the public hate him because he doesn’t know how to handle the problems with a nice or decent way. Everytime he saved people, he ruined the public property, smashing the road and even building while he can just solved it but punching the bad guy with one hit. Overall, it’s watchable movie and i think it’s better than Wanted. If you’re a big fan of Will Smith, i think u will like it! So that’s how i spend my weekend. At some point, i’m thinking is there somewhere else that i could go instead of mall n cinema?? Ahhhh….JcO….eWENDYSrrrrr……Ok




7 thoughts on “Mr Hancock & Mrs Wendys

  1. u aarreee soo making me hungry!!!! i am so in love with baked potatos!!!! kat kenny rogers pon ada p far xjumpe lg yg sedap except the home made my frewn make!!!! nyum nyum nyum..

  2. cuppycake…which floor kenot kami kene pergi ke new wing dlu (tapi tak sampailah ke jusco nun jauh tu)…but yg penting dia dekat2 ice skating tuh…lurrvee it!!!! tp skang br ada 1 je cawangan……

  3. Dah la dengkikan aku ngan Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssseeeeee yang banyak, pastu tengok Hancock dulu dari aku. Huh! Nyampah! *theehehehehehe…*

  4. teruja nampaknya dgn tempat parking kat sunway piramid tu??huhuh~~ aku pon sama! heh nmpk msgt dulu2 tmpt kegemaran ialah warta superstore kan? hahaha dasar dak UKM kita nih

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