RunAway Housemate

Yesterday, when i’m still at work, my housemate called n tell me dat my other housemate had ran away. He went out jez like dat, without any warning or even a message. He’s gone. His room emptied, just a big bed that he couldn’t bring unless renting a lorry. Ever since he quit the job at Celcom, he just become someone that i barely know. I don’t know what he’s doing. He wakes up when everybody sleep. Once, i said something that could hurt his feeling. Don’t ask me “what” because it’s mean. That could probably one of the reason why he took off, silently. Do i feel bad? Somehow yeah…somehow i don’t. Even we’re not really close, but he still my friend. He may think that we didn’t care about him, but we do actually. That’s why we act with uneasy way. U may not like it but life in KL is not easy. If you’re not having a stable job, you’re doomed! I’m  still figure it out on how to spend wisely because i realise, living here is difficult. U may have a life here but is dat a life dat u want? Fortunately, today there’s one guy who wants to join us (ahhhh that solved our financial burden huh). I’m just hoping that he will turns out well. For our former housemate, i wish u good luck facing all the challanges. We know u can.


6 thoughts on “RunAway Housemate

  1. ooooooooh.. pelik tu.. something wrong wit him kot. huhuhu… wes aku dah donlod. version 2009 8.0.0.something tu kan? bper serial dia?

    ps: apehal plak abe tersayang, maner der. haha… tu ah, nanti lagi susah. aku tak sure lagi posting katne tapi nanti aku praktikal kat kulai.

  2. die keje ape kat celcom tuh?hmm can run away just like that meh?sounds like runaway bride pown ada. =)

    yeay!im going hhooommmeeee dis weeekends~~!!!hip hip horey

  3. nih mesti pijie wat yg care2 nak menghalau rumet tuh….tuh yg die blah senyap2 tuh…”Once, i said something that could hurt his feeling. Don’t ask me “what” because it’s mean”<—ko pilih yg no bape(Cara nak menghalau rumet!)???
    fatem…..arituh aku gi desaru..lalu la kat Kulai….hadoi…tak dak ape mende kat felda tuh…ko kene praktikal kat kwsn bandar ke???bandar ok laaa….mcm2 ade…tapi dari felda nak ke bandar…mak aih….agakla jauh… good luck my pren!!

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