The “Wanted” Staff

Last nite was awesome. Almost every staff/student in Cairo were going out together, lift up the night of KL city. It sound like we were having a big party but you know, it’s not haha. We just watching a movie at KLCC and the movie “Wanted” were our “main course”. 15 of us go out together and i’ve had to do numerous call to TGV to book a ticket since their website were having a maintainance and i can’t  book a ticket online. I’ve always want to watch this movie since i’ve watcthed the trailer for the first time. Who can resist to watch Angelina Jolie on the big screen (you know we talking about her lips) plus James McAvoy, the guy from the Atonement (Owhhh this guy is great) and Morgan Freeman (You can called him The Legend). After the movie finished, some of us were not really satisfied with it, but for me i think it’s a good movie. Yeah there are potholes here and there but the action is just amazing. They even broke the physic law that saying bullet can only move in a straight line hehehe. Am i recommened this movie? Yerp…absolutely. Go! N Watch it! Afterthat, we have a late night dinner at Pelita Nasi Kandar. I wasn’t really into on eating something and something just bothered me (Seriously, I don’t know why). Nway, thanks for those who were “participating” it. U guys RAWK!! So i guess afterthis…..Bowling?


“The Hot Stuff!!!”


11 thoughts on “The “Wanted” Staff

  1. ngeh2…besh juge tgk yg bbdak cairo-ian nih ye… muvi awal ..termiss part awal2…huhuhu

  2. haaa barulah muka nabilah kt blog sy ni 😉
    lelain yg x tgk, kene tgk citer ni

  3. Next up will be hellboy with ME and SYUHADA!!! mana pigi janji manis2 mu.even though bukan budak cairo p kiteorg budak chomey! jadik masok lam list =) kami menanti dgn penuh saba….lalalalalalal

  4. Setelah sekian lama masuk pawagam di Malaysia..
    baru malam nie dapat tengok..
    jalan citer agak perlahan pada permulaan..
    tp di pertengahan citer mula jadi rancak..
    boleh kata kalo pada awalnya leh terlelap..
    tp start babak di farmasi tue..
    terus segar mata..
    saya bagi 8 markah pada citer nie..
    jalan citer dan aksi yang menarik dan mencabar..

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