A Disturbing Film

I was looking in IMDB.com for the movie that had won in the Academy Award. Basically, this website will be my reference before I download (illegally of course) any movie so that I won’t waste any of my hard drive and especially my bandwidth. I’ve been always want to watch Schindler’s List, that won the Best Picture in 1993 but because they in black and white, it turned me off (totally). Many reviews said that this is the best picture ever and everyone should watch it. Owh, it’s directed by Steven Speilberg and it’s based on a true story about a man named Oskar Schindler. Basically, it’s a story about Oskar who saved 1100 of jews in the holocaust that happened in the World War II (WW2). At first, he wants to take an advantage of the jews by running up a factory. He took the jew as a labour because he knows that they are desperate to have a job. Do u know that in WW2, it is estimated around 6 million jews had been killed by the Nazi led by Adolf Hitler? Other groups were persecuted and killed by the regime, including the Roma; Soviets, particularly prisoners of war; Communists; ethnic Poles; other Slavic people; the disabled; gay men; and political and religious dissidents. It was the darkest moment in the human history where lives mean nothing to them. They killed whoever they want including the children. That is what the film was trying to potray. The execution is brutal. The famous one is the extermination camp where they killed the people by using toxic gas or The Gas Chamber. It’s a disturbing movie for me because it based on a true event. Some will say “Hey it jew! Why do u care so much???” but I see them as a human being. It’s cruel. The children, what had they done? Why they deserved to be killed? The current situation, Jew is acting like a new Nazi. They nothing different from the Nazi. Maybe it some kind of revenge for their ancestor? Their dignity had been ripped in the Holocaust event but look where are they now. Nayy….i’m not going much further about the idea of the jew, but what am I going to say, this is a good movie, no it’s a great movie. Maybe it’s kinda propaganda but just look at the difference side. If u have time, read the story about the holocaust. It’ll make u thinking.


3 thoughts on “A Disturbing Film

  1. i dunno tp psl holocaust ni ramai yg doubt btol ke berlaku..search kat youtube video pasal holocaust..search for david irving (british historian yg kena penjara sbb persoalkan pasal holocaust)..die exposed few document and scientific proves yg buat korang terfikir, btol ke berlaku..

  2. Most of the holocaust stories were made up. The actual things happened? we don’t really know which one. Read about the history about why they want Palestine so much. They’re too ego with their ‘status beside God’ so if the holocaust was an actual story, it was because of their own fault. Yes, maybe they don’t deserve to be killed but hey, if somebody tried to claim your own land to be his, of course la you kick him out. already.

  3. maknenye betulla ada citer di sebalik tabir pasal holocaust nieh?? tapi itula….mcm genocide..but what’s the purpose of killing the kids??hmmm

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