Funny Conversation With Celcom

I’m official being capped by Celcom! I’m supposed to get 3.6 Mbps for my D98 Celcom Broadband plan but I’ve exceeded 5GB policy hence they reduce my speed to 128Kbps. It’s absolutely ridiculous policy! Cuba imagine-lah, korang pakai kerete Jaguar tapi had kelajuan yang dibenarkan 110 Km/H, once korang dah melebihi had laju tu, kereta korang hanya boleh sampai 50 Km/H je (perhaps u could understand this analogy). So what is the purpose having a turbo engine with limitation? Apa guna pakai speed sampai 3.6 Mbps tapi kalau melebihi 5G data sebulan(I have a funny story with this 5Gig term), korang kurangkan speed tu? Lagi slow daripada 3G pulak tu?

This matter have been circulated for quite some time in the forum especially People keep complaining about the policy since most of the web sites now contain a lot of flash that consume a lot of bandwidth (that imply for the super heavy Celcom website too!! Stupid). So last night I called them just for the justification. The first Customer Service (CS) person gave me a convincing answer (Warning: Do not fall into their trap!)

1ST Conversation, 17 June, 1030 PM

Me: “ Saya rasa speed saya dah kene capped. Saya dah pakai lebih 5G ke?”

CS1 :”Kalau tengok rekod, penggunaan encik dah melebihi 5 Gig

Me:”Habis bile speed dia jadi normal balik?”

CS1:”Encik kene tunggu 24 jam. Lepas tu speed akan jadi normal balik”

Me:”Bukan 5G tu untuk sebulan ke?”

CS1:”Tak, untuk 24 jam je”


~The guy that I talked with gave me a good answer but is it true?~

2nd Conversation, 18 June, 830 am

Me: “ Saya rasa speed saya dah kene capped. Saya dah pakai lebih 5G ke?”

CS2:”Encik pakai pakej D98, Unlimited Package. Capped 5 G tu tak diapply untuk pakej encik ni”

Me:”Awak biar betul, malam tadi saya called CS awak cakap memang saya kene capped”

CS2:”Biar saya semak rekod encik dahulu. Encik tunggu sebentar ye”

~~He turned on somekind of music that really irritating. He left me about 5 minutes and I’m just like an idiot waiting for him to pick up my call back. Fool~~

3rd Conversation, 18 June, 900am.

Read the conversation carefully. She made me laugh by giving me the stupidest answer of the century. Please, someone help her!!

Me: “ Saya rasa speed saya dah kene capped. Saya dah pakai lebih 5G ke?”

CS3:”Kalau encik dah pakai 5G, speed dia akan dikurangkan ke 3.6 Mpbs sebab encik pakai pelan D98.”

Me:”Mana pulak 3.6 Mbps, saya dapat speed constant 128kbps je”

CS3:”Begini, kalau kelajuan encik melebihi 5G, kami akan kurangkan kelajuan encik kepada 3.6 Mbps”

~ I’m smiling hearing what she just said. Disbelief. Oh God, I feel pity to her. There’s no such thing as 5G of speed????~

Me:”Ha kalau begitu, bile boleh saya dapat speed 5Gig tu balik?”

CS3:”Dalam masa sebulan”

Me:”Awak boleh check tak rekod penggunaan saya?”

CS3:”Tak boleh lah encik”

~Owh last night can-lah?? Haiyoo~

Me:”Ini macam mana ni. Sekejap kata lain. Tanya CS lain bagi jawapan lain pulak?? Petang semalam speed ok je?”

~U R going to hear the standard (or ecsape) answer if they don’t know how to handle the customer anymore (or getting trap by their own hole that they made~)

CS3:”Kami sebenarnya mengalami masalah teknikal sehingga 30 Jun. Selepas tarikh itu encik akan mendapat kelajuaan normal semula”

Me:”WTH, Bye”


6 thoughts on “Funny Conversation With Celcom

  1. fizi..aku penah mengalami situation yg same dlu mase aku pakai postpaid celcom..mmg CS celcom ni mcm “stupid” doWH..


  2. ngaahahhahaha… lawak ‘diputs’ btol… muahahahahah….
    weh pakai jer la streamyx, stakat ni, takde byk prob sangat compare to wireless, hehehhe…
    ko pakai pakej tu baper ek bayar sbulan?

  3. CS3:”Begini, kalau kelajuan encik melebihi 5G, kami akan kurangkan kelajuan encik kepada 3.6 Mbps”

    ngeheehehehesss….. (pas baca beberapa kali aku still lagi ngehehehesss….

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