It mean Good Bye!! Too bad their practical training in Malaysia is officially over. Jeff and Emanuel is a student from Niece University, France (perhaps i’m rite 😉 ), just like Nico who are doing their final semester before they can get a degree. It’s been 3 months they’re here but i didn’t realized it since it feels like they just arrived here yesterday! Both of them are really cool. Jeff do a lot of talking rather than Emanuel. I guess it’s because the language barrier. We’ll know, France doesn’t speak English but fortunately for Jeff, he’s been living in US for God’s know how many years ;). While Emanuel is a lil bit shy and quiet person BUT lucky him, he found someone here! Gotcha! Sorry can’t reveal where i got this juicy gossip haha. A week before they flew back to France, they went to Bangkok with Nico. Unfortunately they got into fight with some bunch of stupid-uneducated people who want to steal their money. Jeff got a stiches on his forehead but Emanuel condition is just worse. He broke his arm and had to put a bandage. His fingers swollen and it’s really big. Huh..fortunately it wasn’t turned into green. Get well soon brother!

Perhaps they had a great time in here. I’m not going to say “See you guys again” because deep down we know, it’s a false hope. How many time u meet the person again after you say that words??? Zero! Good luck with your degree and let us know if u decide to come here again.


4 thoughts on “Aurevoir

  1. hey!send my regards to the one in the cap!!!Ckp kat die nieh: “Sungguh chomey” make sure in BM ow-keh???!!! wink wink =)

  2. aa.. sedihnya.. tak terkata plak rasanya.. yg pergi mungkin xdela rasa sedih mana pun, tapi yg ditinggalkan tu akan rasa lebih sedih..
    sampai masa pun aku akan tinggalkan bumi jepun ni.. huaa.. rasa sedih plak nak meninggalkan org2 kat sini…

  3. mmgla sedih benda tu kita dah jangka nak buat camner?ala lagi ramai orang yg rindu ko kat malaysia nieh….hehehe..once in a while leh la balik jepun tuh..(bwk ole2 skalik yerk!)

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