Finale Wrap Up

It’s already the end of the season, I mean “that” season. TV Series?? Guess if you are the hard core fan of the series, this idle period could be very long (April – September). This time around, I didn’t feel that much. I suppose, most of the finale of my favorite series doesn’t leave with much question or any cliffhanger ending. It’s like they don’t care if they want to continue the show or not for the next season. It’s all happy ending, I love you, you love me scene. Lame. Let me summarize the finale that I’ve watched.
1- Lost : Finally, 6 of the survivors of Oceanic 815 get off from the island (Desmond isn’t included). The island missing (wtf??). After they come back, most of them are like psycho, wanting so bad to get back to the island. Hurley end up in mental institution, Kate and Jack separated, Sayyid being an assassin, and Sun give birth to her son (and wants a revenge for the death of her husband). Still, no clue about the island, the black smoke, or even Dharma initiative. Guess I have to wait until 2009 because they promise to give the answer, next year, which apparently the final season of Lost.
2- Ugly Betty : Betty have to make choice between Gio and Henry. Daniel meets his illegitimate son and being abandoned from Mode magazine. Wilheimena being more powerful with the help from Alexis. The finale kinda bored. Doesn’t leave something juicy like the first season.
3- One Tree Hill : Yerp, no cliffhanger except Lucas proposed someone to marry him, either Peyton or Lindsey. No clue at all but maybe Lindsey. Nathan get back to basketball after his injury that cost him a chance to play in NBA, Mouth quit from his current job and wants to move to somewhere else. Yeah, the silent villain, Dan gets a new heart. Long way to live huh?
4.Grey’s Anatomy : My favorite all time thee thee. The McDreamy continues with his love life with Meredith (leaving the lovely Rose). Christina beats Dr Hanh, tremendously (can I use that word ;p). Georgy gets to reseat his medical paper exam. And Torres finally admits that she’s a lesbian (kissing Dr Hanh in the end). Not a great finale (again!).
5. Desperate Housewives: Yeah, this is what I called a FINALE! They end this season with a great story. Katherine isn’t a bad person, at all. We all misunderstood her since beginning. It’s like she hid something (a really bad thing) but it turns out she is just a victim of a situation. Even they end this season with a happy ending but I really satisfied. They finally comeback after a flop of the last season.
There’s one series that I haven’t watch the finale : SMALLVILLE. Perhaps I can catch up the episodes. Currently busy downloading Ally Mcbeal season 1.

3 thoughts on “Finale Wrap Up

  1. Lindsey?? aku rasa Peyton.. Lucas mesti end up dengan Peyton jugak last2. hope so~ heee.. James Lucas Scott rawkk!!

    Betty? Gio go Gio! 🙂

  2. Lost – wohoooo.. can’t wait for the final season! *Happy dance for Desmond and Penny*

    OTH – akupun rasa Peyton, Mawar sebab Lindsay kan dah balik umah dia, watper Lucas call cakap dia ada dua tiket ke LA. Pastu Dan gets new heart? dude, how do you know if he’s even alive!

    Tambahan rasa, Supernatural – hakhakhak… aku suker… hak hak hak.. aku tau ko tak tengok abis pon season ni.. hakhakhak…

    BTW, aku maner leh tengok Cloverfield masa tayang aritu, aku kan berada di Parit Raja nan sunyi sepi ni…huhuhuhuh….

  3. hhhwaa ape nieh u layan sorg2..i nak tgk jgak..hhuuu so when is the get together thingy gonna be? i dgn syud menunggu dengan penuh saba nieh nak rasmi ur new car on the road lorh…huhu and also i nak d serriiesss twooo thrrreee ffoouurr ffiivveee…aiyak.. =D

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