Finally, the never ending saga in getting my car had come to an end. It’s final and it’s real!! Though it’s not  simple as it’s look, but i’m glad it’s over. I’m free (wow..what a word) and i don’t have to bother my house mate anymore ( it’s been a month i took a motorcycle with him..everyday ). I would like to take this opportunity to thank him a lot because without him, i maybe suffer a lot taking a bus and LRT to get to work. On Monday, my brother and I went to JPJ Cheras to register my car & get my registration number. The process only took about 10 minutes. WRJ 3310. Yerp..that’s my number. Like a Nokia phone model, and i think it’s the hottest model at that time, Nokia 3310 haha. To be exact, that is my first cellphone ever . What a coincident! After that, i went to TGV The Mines watching The Chronicles Of Narnia : Prince Caspian because I had to wait for my brother finishing his job first before he can bring me to Seremban to take my car. I’m a little bit  disappointed with the sequel, like the first one. I’m expecting more, perhaps they can learn the mistakes from the first movie. They improve the war scene and it’s too “Lord Of The Ring” but it’s so much better than the the first sequel. Lucy, one of the character in the film is so freaking cute! I’m fall in love with her haha.

Around 330pm, we reached Proton Edar in Senawang. I took a glance to the car which is going to be mine in a few minutes. Yeah, some people that read this maybe think that “Hey! it’s just a car. Don’t make a big fuss of it!!” . If I come from a whealthy and rich family, it’s maybe nothing (and it just our national car) but i’m from an average common family, and it’s long way before i can get my very own car. How long the way is? Do your own judgement hehe.

That night, i drove back to my house with a new confident and the satisfaction is hard to explain. After a very long saga battling with the dealer to get the car, everything ends that evening. It’s over. The car is just so great, everything smooth especially at the cornering. The audio system is great (and it has mp3 capability). The moment i get the car is just the beginning to be responsible towards my work. I need to work extra harder so that i can pay the installment each month haha. It’s true, rite??


9 thoughts on “~Neo~

  1. wahhh~ tu dia..merah mak ngaahh! hehe..besnye dpt kete baru kan..? aku dulu rs nak tido dlm kete jek sminggu tu..wekekek.

    amacam? bila nak bwk ronda2 nek kete baru?..

  2. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!! look at ddddaaaaatttttt!!!1 from the look of the car i can imagine how u r smiling at what u av der.it is so gorgeous (whoops can i say like dat??) ehe nyhow…i am loving the look!!! my favorite color!!!besides blue.bukan u wanna take oren ke??how come jadi red or i was d one mixing up??ey bile nak bwk i test ride ur car plak..mane nieh janji janji manis mu for jco and mcds???ayoh ayoh bawak i dgn syud jalan jalan dong!!kapan sih.. =) cant wait to get into ur car (with exciting face!ahaha as if..wink wink..)

    happy for ya dude!enjoy ur new ride ayte…. =D

  3. lol..i think i mistakenly put orange neo for my previous post lah..tot it was red haha..anyway thanks.akhirnya dpt jugak kan..eh don’t think i forget the promiseS maaa…still on..will take both of ya for a ride yah?

  4. wowwwwwwww…lawa siyot..kaler MU tu..huhu..bile2?cepat2…bwk aku ngan atiq ronda2..manual sehhh..aku xleh test drive lor..hahaha

  5. Hohoho.. Proton pun okey apa (^_^) Eh nama aku tak mention pun. Aku ada gaklah tumpangkan ko balik 😛 Kehkehkeh.. Lawak ja Fizi. Jaga leklok. Tambah duk kat apartment, banyak tangan yang mengatal

  6. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..
    ada keter baru per lagi, meh la jenguk aku… hhuhuhuhuhuhu…..
    apsal 3310, no dia bagi ker ko oder?

  7. whooaa.. dah dapat keta baru tu.. jelous siot. Ape lagi, kata nak datang JB tunjuk kat aweks- aweks JB.huhu. turun jangan tak turun. 🙂

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